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Paul Tackett

An Adirondack Treasure: The Gift of Liquid Gold

Tucked away in the mountains of the Lake George Area are pockets of ancient practice of an almost sacred tradition. Generations of family members who inhabit the maple quarters will tell you they live in a place “where nature is a way of life, and sugaring is second nature.” Join them in celebrating…

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The 12 Best Towns for a Winter Escape

If heading to the great outdoors is the escape plan, you can’t do any better than these 12 towns for a winter getaway: 1. North Creek This vibrant, yet hidden, Adirondack town is at the base of soaring Gore Mountain. Unpack at Garnet Hill Lodge or any number of cozy accommodations in the area and…

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Giants of the Lake

Lake George is beautiful to behold from any vantage point, but to realize her true majesty in all its forms, there's nothing like gliding along the shimmering surface of this "Queen of American Lakes." Here's a chance to sample that magical allure that so enchanted all those who have sailed these…

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Adirondack Cabins Perfect for those Cold Winter Nights

There's something magical about a wintertime visit to the Lake George Area. The forests and mountains are covered in a fresh layer of snow, making every experience like that from a Norman Rockwell scene. The light, fluffy flakes continue their mesmerizing descent, inviting visitors to strap on the…

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Hiking Highlight - Pole Hill Pond

In the days leading up to the Lake George Land Conservancy’s Hike-A-Thon 2018, the first heat wave of the season was roaring across the Lake George Area, promising little hope for comfort to those of us taking part in the annual group excursions on July 5. The event brings together donors, scores of…

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