On The Water


The Lake George Area is a water-lovers oasis. With numerous lakes and hundreds of miles of streams and rivers, it’s no surprise that getting out on the water is a must-do for most visitors. This is the lake life you’ve been dreaming of.

Lake George is "Queen of American Lakes"

Swimmers and toe-dippers alike will get a kick out of beaches large and small on bodies of water throughout the Lake George Area. For those who prefer to be on the water, not in it, boat cruises and boat rentals can reveal every nook and cranny of Lake George. Adventure enthusiasts can rip around on jet skis or experience the thrill of whitewater rafting down raging rapids. Sun-seekers can relax on sailboats or on the deck of waterfront restaurants.

Lake George Area waters keep couples and families coming back year after year. It starts on the beaches, where families have spent summer getaways for generations. Lakes and rivers throughout the Lake George Area help water seekers cool off all summer long. Lake lovers explore more than the beaches. They trailer their boats to the Lake George Area and cruise the water in comfort. Those who don’t own a boat can get out on the water anyway. Numerous rental marinas welcome guests with clean, modern vessels and robust operational and safety instructions.

Cruise ships cater to those who would rather be driven around. These classic ships are an integral part of the Original Vacation and offer a look at Lake George unlike any other. However, boats and cruises aren’t the only way to explore the waters of the Lake George Area. Slow movers can take in the lakes and mountains from the deck of a sailboat. Adrenaline seekers can rent jet skis and zoom around on a finely-tuned personal watercraft.

After the lakes have been conquered, the raging rivers of the Adirondack Mountains can be tackled. Whitewater rafting is a heart-pounding good time that is best experienced with the Lake George Area’s professional rafting guides.

Yeah, those pruned fingers are a good sign.