Boat Launches, Marinas & Rentals

These Adirondack lakes are ideal for boating. Luckily, launching your boat in the Lake George Area is a fast and easy process. This streamlined approach leads to one thing – you spending more time on the water.

We know you are itching to get on the lake when you tow your boat to the Lake George Area. Local marinas make launching your boat fast and easy so you can get to relaxing, fishing, and swimming in one of the cleanest lakes in the country. Most launches have helpful dock attendants available to make sure you don’t damage your boat or anything else during the launch process. To help keep Lake George clean, boats must be screened for invasive species before they’re launched. Boats must be launched at state sites so this efficient and critical check can take place. When the days of fun in the sun are over, cruise back to the launch and pull your boat. If you don’t have your own boat, no sweat. There are boat rental marinas all over the Lake George Area ready to get you on the water.