Lake George is beautiful to behold from any vantage point, but to realize her true majesty in all its forms, there's nothing like gliding along the shimmering surface of this "Queen of American Lakes." Here's a chance to sample that magical allure that so enchanted all those who have sailed these waters for more than 200 years. Any one of several spectacular cruise ship stands ready to escort passengers through the Lake George experience of a lifetime!

the Mohican

Spend an hour or enjoy an unforgettable day aboard one of the magnificent vessels that ply the crystal clear waters of Lake George. With five or six big ships sailing at all times of day, there really is a cruise for everybody.

If time is short, there are one- and two-hour historic sightseeing and sunset cruises that take passengers around the southern basin. The captain discusses the colorful history of Lake George while guests gaze up on the same shoreline and forested mountains that inspired George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,  and James Fenimore Cooper.

the Horicon

A little more time will allow passengers to explore farther to the north. Ships cruise halfway up the lake to Paradise Bay and the Narrows for a glimpse of the islands and landscape that attracted the original vacationers to this pristine wilderness. Like most of today's visitors, they came to escape their hectic daily lives, to breathe fresh air and to swim in the rejuvenating waters. Many of the rich and famous remained and built the stately Gilded-Age mansions that still peek out from their secretive enclaves as your ship sails by.

the Morgan

Those with a biting curiosity about this legendary waterway are in for a real treat! They will be carried the full length of the lake during a six-hour odyssey cruise that will reveal geological oddities and delve into the rich human experience of the entire lake region. History buffs will delight in the stories of native American exploits, French & Indian and Revolutionary War engagements, the arrival of the great steamships and the rise of grand hotels and guest houses along the shoreline. Phantoms of that period can still be seen on the grounds and in the shallow waters where the great lodges and docks once stood.

the Mohican

For that one-of-a-kind cruise adventure you'll remember for years to come, step aboard any one of these gleaming white marvels and kick back awhile. As the sounds of Lake George Village fade, the ship become a world unto itself; the playful breeze rolls over the passengers as the sun warms them, body and soul. Tantalizing aromas escape the chef's kitchen and lips smack to the sound of a cold beverage being splashed over tinkling ice shards in a frosty glass.

No passenger goes thirsty or hungry aboard these ships. Enjoy burgers-and-fries fare throughout the day or book a lunch or dinner cruise for a more expansive menu. Some cruises offer family-friendly, themed meal experiences including Taco Tuesday, Mac 'n Cheese Wednesday and Pizza Friday. And lavish dinner cruises will feature some of the finest dining your could find anywhere ashore. Watch the chef carve into the velvety prime rib that's been calling  to you with its heavenly aroma. Or indulge in a little southern hospitality with St. Louis Ribs and let your imagination carry you way to some lazy bayou.

the Lac du Saint Sacrement

And whether guests book a one-hour tour or splurge on a full dinner cruise, a grand finale to the occasion is a state-of-the-art fireworks show exploding in the night sky right above the ship's deck. Guests stand, leaning over the railing, or settle into a chair to take in the dazzling light spectacle unfolding all around. The sky explodes in brilliant color and sound and the lake answers the call with a shimmering reflection, the mountains with thundering echoes. You are in the center of it all, floating through a universe of pageantry and spectacle.

Then there are the many specialty cruises that set sail with an electric party atmosphere that will have you dancing the night away. Step aboard for a New Year's Eve bash unlike any other, and return time and again throughout the year for exciting themed dinner, music and dance cruises. Fans come from near and far to celebrate "the King" on a rockin' Elvis Dinner Cruise, and Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest extravaganzas keep the party spirit rip-roaring through late summer and autumn. Sample just one of these unique floating festival and you'll be back for more, all the while making great memories to last a lifetime.

Lake George Steamboat Company

No visit to the area is complete without venturing out upon the breathtaking waters of this glorious lake. And when it comes to cruising aboard the big boats, the options are endless and friendly on the wallet. Just remember, no matter what you plan to do while you're at Lake George, it can always be a better and more memorable experience done on Lake George. So, what are you waiting for? It appears your ship has come in...