Places To Stay

No matter where you choose to stay in the Lake George Area, our diverse array of accommodations are designed with the preferences of different types of travelers in mind. And, our hoteliers are well-equipped to meet the needs of each and every guest. It’s not hard to find lodging in our region that will exceed your expectations. 

Vacationers may choose to stay in family-owned waterfront cottages, where they can roll out of bed and be on the beach before the coffee is done brewing. Those who have grown accustomed to a wide range of amenities and other luxuries will love our sprawling resorts. Name-brand hotels and modest motels throughout the Lake George Area offer immaculate accommodations for reasonable prices. 

The Adirondack Mountains are also woven through every property in the Lake George Area. Those seeking more remote surroundings will find lodges that offer the comfort and convenience of a fine hotel within a secluded, mountain setting. The solo hiker or skier will be pleased with a rustic Adirondack cabin close to their recreation destination. Couples have their pick of romantic B&Bs. Anyone who needs their accommodations to include a dash of novelty will love the Lake George Area’s dude ranches.

And it wouldn’t be a vacation if we had to leave our fur babies behind. Pet-friendly properties will welcome your four-legged friends with open arms and a cold dish of water. 

Families have been staying in the Lake George Area for generations. Whether you choose to make your home away from home among the bustling sidewalks or to be tucked away off the beaten path, you can look forward to comfortable accommodations and a great night’s sleep!