For over 60 years The Great Escape has been THE summer destination! 

Make sure to check out The Great Escape's Safety Protocols prior to visiting the park.

Enjoy the all-new high-flying Adirondack Outlaw!

At Hurricane Harbor, you will find two super soaking attractions ~ Bucket Blasters, an interactive ride where you spin around in water barrels equipped with water guns perfect for a splashing battle with family, friends, and bystanders. Shipwreck Cove, a fun activity pool with interactive water sprays, geysers, and fountains for hours of water play entertainment.

For some thrills ride Pandemonium, twisting and twirling motions with lights; experience serious hang time on the Greezed Lightnin' coaster; boomerang backwards on the Flashback coaster; take a high-flying, spinning adventure on Extreme Supernova or hit a high-speed free fall on the Sasquatch.

Families love to ride together. Explore the woods of Ghost Town on the Canyon Blaster, and ride the rapids on the Raging River.

The Great Escape has rides perfect for the little ones. Haul a mighty load on the Convoy, sit among the branches in Hootie's Treehouse, or see the world of Alice in Wonderland.

There are the classic rides that hold a special place in your heart ~ Storytown Train, Swan Boats and the Grand Carousel.

And that's only a small taste of the rides to enjoy at Six Flags Great Escape!

When the park gets a bit too hot it's time to grab your bathing suit and head to Hurricane Harbor!

Hurricane Harbor is the perfect place to cool down on those hot summer days in the park. See how fast you can slide on the Bamboo Shoots water slide, survive the Big Kahuna, or take a spin on the Bonzai Pipelines.

After you're finished racing your family and friends on the slides head to Adventure River, the giant wave pool in Hurricane Bay, or grab some delicious food at Tidal Wave Cafe!

Kid's will love our Monsoon Lagoon Area too, with the exciting Bucket Blasters ride and Shipwreck Cove playground. 

Summer doesn't last all year. Make your Great Escape today!