Photographs by Jaynie Ellis 


Get ready for a pedal-powered adventure! Introducing a BRAND-NEW Lake George Area letterboxing challenge – Letterbox the Bikeway! Explore the paved 10-mile, multi-use Warren County Bikeway while searching for 10 letterbox locations of historical significance to the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars. 

The Warren County Bikeway was constructed following a defunct line of the Delaware and Hudson Railway, and has since been discovered as the approximate path of the original Military Road constructed by General William Johnson in 1755. There are 23 signs in total that tell the history of a journey along this wartime supply route. A subset of 10 signs, and therefore 10 letterboxes, are focused on the vital importance of the Lake George Area during the Colonial Wars. 

The Warren County Bikeway begins at the Leonard Street parking lot in Glens Falls, passing through Queensbury and Lake George, ending in the Lake George Village. The Letterbox the Bikeway challenge follows this south to north direction, but it can also be completed north to south if you prefer to start in the Lake George Village. Letterbox the Bikeway and the Warren County Bikeway is accessible for all, from young bike riders to experienced cyclists, as it is made up of both long flat sections and gentle, rolling hills.

Please Note: Letterboxes are removed for the winter and are put back in place during the spring.

What is Letterboxing? 

Letterboxing is a fun, scavenger hunt activity for all ages that incorporates orienteering and puzzle solving. A “letterbox”, the British term for mailbox, is hidden in a public, scenic location. The hobby dates back to the mid-1800s and became popularized in North America in the late 90s – there are now over 90,000 active letterboxes across the continent.

How It Works: The first step is to obtain a Passport. You can pick up a Passport for free at a variety of locations around Warren County. Click here for a map of all the places you can pick one up.

At each location, you will search for a hidden, weatherproof box using the riddle in your Passport. Upon finding the box, use the hand-carved stamp and inkpad to mark your Passport; go ahead and fill in the date, add a comment as well, and flip to the last page to copy over the riddle from the bottom of the box. Make sure to leave everything how and where you found it for the next letterboxer. 

Once you have collected all 10 stamps you can turn in your Passport to receive a Letterbox the Bikeway embroidered patch. For more information on how to turn in your passport, click here.  

Letterboxing Locations & Tips 

We highly encourage you to bike, run, or walk the full length off the 10-mile bikeway, but some boxes can be accessed by driving to parking areas or cross-street locations as specified in the Passport. There are two designated parking lots for those using the Bikeway, one on Leonard Street in Glens Falls and another on Country Club Road in Queensbury. The Warren County Bikeway does intersect with highly trafficked roads. Please obey the rules of the road, pay attention to traffic signs, and cross in the crosswalks. 

It is always recommended familiarize yourself with the general area of letterbox locations beforehand. When searching for a letterbox, please be considerate of others using the bike path by parking your bike in a safe spot on the shoulder and staying out of the lane of travel.

All of these letterboxes are located outside. Make sure to dress appropriately, whether walking or biking, and bring water. Leave no trace. Although none of these letterboxes are located in tall grass or dense woods, it is always a good idea to check yourself for ticks after spending time outside. Do not letterbox after dark.

Where to Rent a Bike 

If you didn’t bring your bike to the Lake George Area, don’t fret! There are a number of local bike rentals with affordable rates: 

  • Bike Rentals at Rick’s Outpost 
  • Beach Road Bait and Tackle 
  • Adirondack All Season Outfitters
  • Lake George Electric Bike Company  

CDPHP Cycle! is another great, and easy, option. Simply rent and return bikes using the app. There is a CDPHP Cycle! bike rack at the Country Club Road parking lot (mentioned above), several in Glens Falls, and one at the end of the bikeway on Beach Road in the Lake George Village. You can use the app to pinpoint the location of bike racks as well. 

Lake George Area’s Letterboxing Gallery: 

Read up on the “Colonial Wars History Along the Bikeway” on the official website for Letterbox the Bikeway. Here are photos and notes from each spot as we pedaled the Warren County Bikeway to fill up our Passport: 

1. Glens Falls/Bikeway Heritage 

Warren County Bikeway

2. Fort Amherst

Warren County Bikeway

3. Halfway Brook 

As seen from nearby Meadowbrook Preserve

Meadowbrook Preserve

4. Blind Rock 

Letterbox the Bikeway

5. Colonel Williams Monument 

Colonel Williams Monument

6. Battle of LG, 1st Engagement 

This is your sign that you're on the right track to the next letterbox location! 

Letterbox the Bikeway

7. Battle of LG, 3rd Engagement

Pack a lunch! Between the Battle of LG, 1st Engagement and the Battle of LG 2nd Engagement there is a large picnic area. Along this stretch there is also public access from the bike path to the Ledge Rock Hill Winery Tasting Room. Whippoorwill Motel & Campsites also has access to the Warren County Bikeway here as well for guests. 

Warren County Bikeway

8. Knox Trail 

Warren County Bikeway

9. Battle of LG, 2ND Engagement 

Warren County Bikeway

10. Battlefield Park 

Lake George Battlefield State Park