Snowboarders at Gore

When the fall temperatures start to dip towards frosty, and those first minuscule snowflakes drift towards the browning grass, the snow guns begin to blast. Before long, Gore and West Mountains are covered in dreamy white, and skiers and snowboarders make a daily trek to the hills. This year, Gore and West Mountains have major improvements to show to the skiers and riders who make those early morning drives. Revamped lodges, additional snow-making, and a brand new chairlift are only a few of this year's mountain upgrades.

What's New at Gore Mountain?

Gore Mountain, the largest ski resort in the Lake George Area, is tuning up for a snow-filled season. Thanks to a constant desire to make the mountain better, Gore will have some huge mountain improvements for skiers and riders when the chairs take their first spin on opening day.

Gore Mountain can’t be its usual snow-drenched self without the best snowmaking technology available in the game today. That’s why Gore Mountain made another major investment in snowmaking equipment before the 2019 season.

The quest for the snowiest season ever begins at Gore’s brand new pump house, which along with new piping will increase water pumping capacity by 42 percent. This means that some of those trails that usually suffer from snowmaking neglect will be covered in powdery goodness sooner in the season. An army of 312 new snow guns will be blasting away on key trails, opening terrain and dispersing the crowds faster than ever. This brand new tech is can be used both remotely and manually, ensuring an efficient snowmaking process from first freeze until springtime.

To top it off, two brand spankin’ new grooming machines come online this winter to turn all of the freshly blown snow into corduroy heaven.

Gore Mountain Groomer


Sometimes the most minor improvement means the most. Gore Mountain took that idea to heart by blasting some bedrock away from the bottom of Cloud/Ruby Run. That horrible little hump that constantly slowed skiers and riders down is gone!

The Base Lodge keeps getting better! A two-level addition will increase capacity at the Tannery Pub & Restaurant by 350 people, making it the perfect year-round location for banquets, weddings, and conferences. The downstairs addition will be the headquarters for the Mountain Adventure programs and additional storage lockers.

Further improvements at Gore Mountain this season include ChargePoint electric car charging stations in Lot C, and a freshly paved welcome area.

Tannery Lodge Improvements


What's New at West Mountain?

West Mountain, a family-owned and family-aimed gem in Queensbury, has her own plans for a facelift in winter 2019. Those plans start with a new, state-of-the-art quad chairlift on The Face.

Snow shouldn’t be an issue at West Mountain this year. They’ve made a major upgrade in the snowmaking department with the addition of 100 snow guns and 50 new snow fans. These permanently-placed snow blasters should get much needed snow to the majority of the mountain.

Skiers and riders who look forward to their burger and fries almost as much as moguls and powder will be happy to hear the cafeteria has been renovated. Options at the remodeled eatery will include salads, sandwiches, soups, grilled items, pizza, and more.

In an effort to make West Mountain into a year-round destination, they’re opening the Aerial Treetop Adventure and Canopy Zip-line. This treetop obstacle course will have zip-liners traveling 10,000 feet.

West Mountain Face Lift


Get excited when those first flakes fall to the grass. Clean out your boot bag and get your skis or board tuned up. 2018's rendition of Lake George Area skiing and riding is going to be better than ever.

Snow on Trees at Gore