Haunts & Jaunts


With countless battles, terrible disease, harsh climate and hundreds of years of history, it should come as no surprise that Fort William Henry Museum is rumored to be home to inhabitants of the afterlife. Dive into its paranormal past and experience the haunting firsthand with a guided ghost tour by day or a spooky candlelight tour by night. Within walking distance in the village of Lake George, is a peculiar "Mystery Spot." Legend says it was the spot where a great Native American god shouted his wisdom for the mountains, lake and landscape to hear. Today, the spot stands as a perplexing audio phenomenon that has stumped scientists and visitors alike. Stand in the center and speak out loud and your voice will come back louder than when it left, almost as if you were talking inside a cone! The afternoon offers free-time activities to eerie explorers. Peruse the gift shops, enjoy a lakeside lunch, sample locally produced wine and food products at the Adirondack Wineryor take a relaxing cruise on the pristine waters of the "Queen of American Lakes," 32-mile long Lake George.


Hear haunted tales during a tasty trip to Barkeater Chocolates in North Creek. Once a family home, Barkeater Chocolates was the site of tragic accident that took the life of a child. Years later, the owners passed away inside the house in two different rooms. Since being converted into a chocolate factory and shop, nearly every employee has a spooky experience to tell. Hear the stories and complete your visit with truffles and peanut butter cups! Book a group lunch or dinner at the beautiful and historic Sagamore Resort. Enjoy gorgeous views of the lake and mountains as your hear the accounts of the reported and repeated ghost sightings that have earned The Sagamore the designation of one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in the country. Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor is host to upstate New York's largest and most terrifying Halloween celebration. During the month of October, the park is completely transformed into Fright Fest, a frightfully fun festival with scares around every corner. Guided bus and walking tours are available throughout the year by reservation. Meet the spirits that roam local cemeteries with live actors recounting the stories of their lives or partake in a twilight Ghost of the Battlegrounds Tour as you visit historical markers and other notable sites throughout the Lake George Area.