All Hands on Deck


Strike it rich prospecting for your own garnet gemstones in the world's largest garnet mine. Gore Mountain Gem and Mineral Shop guides will explain the history of the mine and demonstrate how to find garnet gems, large garnet crystal faces and beautiful, museum-quality mineral specimens to take home. Investigate the Lake George ecosystem aboard a catamaran on the Lake George Association's Floating Classroom. Learn about the lake's history, its formation, and water quality as you measure water clarity, catch zooplankton and test pH and temperature. Or create your own Adirondack pack basket at a school devoted to the arts and culture of the Adirondacks. Local artisans at Adirondack Folk School will demonstrate step-by-step how to make a rustic creation of your choice or teach a skill that is unique to the Adirondack Region.


Up Yonda Farm Environmental Education Center offers hands-on activities for groups of all ages. Choose from a variety of educational programs focusing on the great outdoors. Whether it's building a bird or bat house, catching and learning about butterflies, or searching for live pond life, there is always something exciting to discover at Up Yonda Farm. Be transported to a prehistoric time at Lake George Expedition ParkNot only will you encounter these life-size legendary beasts up close, but you can also climb into a three-dimensional dinosaur nest, excavate giant fossils or build and play in hands-on activity workshops. Play, climb and learn at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. There is something for everyone at the largest marble cave entrance of the east! Walk the 3/4 mile trail to the caves, pop geodes in the mineral shop, climb a bouldering wall, mine for gemstones or even make your own jewelry!