The Lake George Area has a full bag of miniature golf courses. From Adirondack themed courses to putting along a pirate ship, mini-golf is a must for every family vacation.

A round of miniature golf has been a summer tradition for decades. Families in the Lake George Area have plenty of options when it comes to playing a round. Some courses make travelers out of the mini-golfer, with United States and globally themed holes. Others bring golfers on a pirate adventure, forcing them to putt through a town riddled with buccaneers or over a a ghastly pirate ship. Many are good old fashioned miniature golf courses with an Adirondack theme. There's even an indoor course!

Whether you're an experienced golfer or you've never picked up a putter, a round of mini golf in the Lake George Area is always a hole in one.

Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Ahoy Mateys! Arrrrr you ready for some putt-putt fun on a pirate ship? Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf is an award-winning mini-golf course in Queensbury that will challenge every lad and lass that dares to pick up a putter.

Magic Castle Indoor Mini-Golf and Entertainment Center

Mini-golf doesn't have to be played outdoors! The beauty of Magic Castle golf is that it is 100% inside. That's right, rain can't stop you from mastering this 18-hole mini-golf course! The course winds from hole to hole, each surrounded by beautiful foliage. A massive stone castle sits in the center of the course.

Around The World & Around the USA in 18 Holes Mini Golf

Where will your mini-golf itinerary take you? Around the World or Around the U.S.? Golfers can either play Around the World, where they'll putt through international holes featuring the Taj Mahal or a giant sombrero. Or, they can putt Around the U.S., playing holes featuring the New York City subway system and a life-sized lobster.

Lumberjack Pass Miniature Golf

Lumberjack Pass Miniature Golf has a country club feel. Come enjoy 18 challenging championship holes in a gorgeous Adirondack setting. This course covers a full acre and is full of winding streams and flowing waterfalls. Lumberjack Pass even has undulations, sand traps, and water hazards. There are even ball-washers on certain holes. It's like playing on a real golf course!

Adirondack Golf

Take a walk through the Adirondack Park! This 18-hole course is an inviting Adirondack experience, including cascading waterfalls, winding streams, and plunging fountains. Adirondack Golf is proud to be the first fully handicapped-accessible mini-golf course in the United States. Wheelchairs, strollers, and baby carriages will have no problem on this course!

Goony Golf

Mini-golf doesn't get much crazier than this! Goony Golf, a family favorite for over 30 years, is the most outrageous mini-golf course you'll ever putt through. This fantasy themed adventure takes place on holes featuring a giant T-Rex, Sir Goony's Castle, Black Beard the pirate on an evil looking 30-foot ship, a snake pit, and more. There's no telling what else you may encounter!

Pirate's Cove Lake George

Blimey! Pirates are pillaging and plundering this sleepy little 18th century village! Pirate's Cove in Lake George is an award-winning mini-golf course that is swarming with carousing buccaneers.