There's no better way to discover Lake George!

Located in Lake George Village, The Lake George Steamboat Company has been taking multi-generational passengers for cruises on Lake George. If you want to experience the majesty of Lake George the Lake George Steamboat Company offers daily cruises on three unique ships during the summer months.

For an in-depth tour of Lake George board the MV Mohican and head for Paradise Bay or the Narrows. The MV Lac du Saint Sacrement cruises all 32 miles of the lake every morning. Board the SS Minne Ha Ha for a one hour paddle wheel cruise on the steam ship. The Minne cruises several times per day so you can pick the time that works best for you and your family!

We proudly participate in the Lake George Area Military Discount program, details here.

Take a Specialty Cruise!

Want to check out the fireworks show from a completely unique perspective? Take the fireworks cruise. Enjoy a delicious meal while exploring the lake? Board the Taco Tuesday cruise, Mac 'n' Cheese Wednesday cruise, pizza cruise, or pasta cruise. There's even a Sunday brunch cruise to enjoy. Head out late on a Saturday night for a Moonlight cruise with live entertainment.

When the leaves begin to turn there's no better way to see the colors than on a weekend cruise!


Elvis Cruises aboard the Minne Ha Ha