Can you solve the puzzles and escape at Tru-Escape Mystery & Escape Rooms?!

At Tru-Escape you can test your deduction skills in one of our four escape rooms. These rooms are for anyone 12 and older unless you book the entire room.

Secret Agent 22 - You and up to 10 of your most trusted associates are in a locked and booby-trapped room. You have just one hour to gather information for the FBI then locate and properly identify Secret Agent 22. Find the clues, find the flash drive, and diffuse the bomb. Will you and your group escape in time?

Date Night - The Missing Starlet - The year is 1952. Elvis is on the radio and Dragnet is on the television. You and your companion are in the dressing room of a famous Hollywood starlet - but she is nowhere to be found. As you investigate, you learn she may have been murdered. Does her death have something to do with Secret Agent 22? Or is she still among the living? Solve the mystery and escape before the killer returns!

Seal Team Alpha - You and your group of 5 to 10 are aboard a Blackhawk helicopter being flown to a secret location in Afghanistan. A rogue group of terrorists is developing a devastating terror plot. You must find the flash drive or face their wrath.

Gimme Shelter - Congratulations, you just bought your dream home! You and a group of 6 to 10 friends are cleaning out the basement. Behind some boxes, a hidden door opens into what looks like an old bomb shelter. You step inside, the door slams shut, and you are locked in! Will your dream home become your worst nightmare?

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