An All-American Road - New York's Great Northeast Journey is North America's first interconnected waterway - joining the historic waters of the Hudson River, Lake George, the Champlain Canal, and Lake Champlain and shaping the destiny of the United States and Canada.

Midway between Manhattan and Montreal the more than 200-miles of the Lakes to Locks Passage Scenic Byway provides access to charming cities, rural landscapes, recreational areas, and Adirondack hamlets. Through all four seasons, you can experience history, nature, and culture. Traveling by bike, foot, boat or car, you will have access to this historic watercourse used by migratory birds and native peoples, explorers, armies, commercial enterprises.

The Lake George region, known for its beauty, offers a 50-mile loop around the western side of the historic lake. When Father Isaac Jogues, a French Jesuit priest, saw the lake he named it Lac du Saint Sacrement  for the crystal clear water. When Thomas Jefferson visited he wrote to his daughter, ...Lake George is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen...the lake has become known as the Queen of the American Lakes.

Lake George and its surrounding area were significant during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution as a strategic location between Albany to points south and east and north to Canada.

Visit soon and take in the beauty and history of the New York's Great Northeast Journey. For maps and information, please or visit our website.