Lake George is history ~ Father Isaac Jogues, a Jesuit priest from France, was the first European to see the lake which he named Lac du Saint Sacrement. The lake, renamed by the British after their ruler, King George, is steeped in colonial history - the Battle of Lake George took place on September 8, 1755 during the French and Indian War. The lake once again played an important role in history in the Revolutionary War. Lt. Col Henry Knox and his men moved fifty-nine pieces of artillery via the lake and continued on to Boston. British General John Burgoyne's men and supplies passed through traveling from Fort Ticonderoga south to Saratoga.

General Washington visited following the Revolution and when Thomas Jefferson visited Lake George he wrote to his daughter, "...the most beautiful lake I ever saw...". Lake George has come to be called the Queen of the American Lakes.

Following the wars our forefathers came to Lake George as tourists - to admire the beauty of the lake and the majesty of the Southern Adirondack Mountains. Our friendly knowledgeable guides will share the history of Lake George over 300 years and which continues to present day offering the original and best walking tours of legendary historical sites.

Our tour is approximately one-hour and filled with the sights of Lake George. Tours depart from our kiosk on the corner of McGillis Avenue and Canada Street at Fun World Arcade; groups are welcome. This is a walking tour, please wear appropriate footwear.

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