Unlock your adventure at Escape LG!

Escape LG challenges adventurers using codes, clues, and ciphers to unlock the secrets of the room. You'll have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape the room. This interactive adventure requires logic, problem-solving skills, and patience. Try to unlock the secrets of all four rooms!

Each escape room offers a unique and fun challenge:

  • The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar - The year is 1930. Your mysterious colleague, Magnus Ferguson, has discovered and hidden a mystical gem in Africa. Can you find it before it's too late?
  • The Lucky Duck Speakeasy - It's 1925, and Prohibition is in full swing. The Lucky Duck Speakeasy holds crucial evidence about the kingpin of a criminal organization. Can you find the information before the speakeasy blows up?
  • Blackbeard's Brig - Blackbeard is holding your hostage. He's left you an opening to escape while he's off pillaging and plundering. Will you make it out alive, or walk the plank?
  • What Happened in Raven Woods? - On a dark and stormy night, you hear a blood-curdling scream in Raven Woods. What happens next? Note: this room is for people 13 years of age and older.

Book online to guarantee you and your family and friends a spot! This is the perfect activity for team-building and events!