Your digs matter, even when you’re on vacation. Simple rooms solely for recharging or lavish lodging with the intent to impress – it’s all here in the Lake George Area. Check out these accommodations that are open year-round.

Every traveler has their own collection of needs when they go on vacation. In the Lake George Area, there’s always a property that will exceed your expectations. Lodging properties run the gamut, from basic motel rooms to extravagant lakeside homes. Families can immerse themselves in summer fun in vast waterfront rentals. The solo hiker or skier who only needs a bed will be pleased with a comfortable and inexpensive motel room. Couples have their pick of quiet mountain B&B's or rollicking beachfront resorts. Every property has its own flair, but all guarantee your absolute comfort.

Lodging in the Lake George Area is home base for your vacation.

Families have been staying in Lake George Area resorts for generations. Along with the very best amenities, a family-run resort becomes a home-away-from-home when you vacation there year-after-year.

Pet-friendly lodging is prevalent in the Lake George Area. Property owners know that a summer escape can’t be fully enjoyed if you leave your pet at home.

Anyone who needs their accommodations to include a dash of excitement will love the Lake George Area’s dude ranches. These throwbacks to the Old West are always a rootin’-tootin’ good time and the rooms are much tidier than your average corral. Of course, vacations are about diving head first into the region, not spending time in your room. Modest hotels and motels throughout the Lake George Area offer immaculate accommodations for reasonable prices, so you can get the rest you need to get out and explore.

The Adirondack Mountains are woven through every property in the Lake George Area.

Families and couples alike will go crazy for our rustic Adirondack cabin rentals. Located in forest-sheltered small towns or on the shores of lakefront estates, cabins are infused with a touch of North Woods history. Adirondack-themed bed and breakfasts are scattered around the Lake George Area. When B&B owners get involved, romantic weekend escapes go from unlikely dream to reality. And speaking of dreams, scenic waterfront rentals can be found in picturesque locations throughout the Lake George Area. That early-morning cup of coffee on a quiet waterfront deck can be yours.

Before long, the Lake George Area will feel like home...