When the snow starts falling, it’s time to hit the trail. With miles of trails to ride and the Adirondack wilderness to enjoy, it’s time to bring your snowmobile to the Lake George Area.

Snowmobiling in the Lake George Area is a one-of-a-kind wintertime activity. Multiple volunteer snowmobile clubs take excellent care of corridor and secondary trail systems throughout the region, ensuring that your riding experience is top notch. Trail systems run conveniently near restaurants and bars so that you can stop for lunch at the first pang of hunger. And with trails mixing from long straightaways through wooded corridors to climbs up tall mountains with glorious views to meandering runs near frozen rivers, there’s nothing quite like snowmobiling in the Lake George Area. Start that sled up and hit the trail.

Lake Vanare Snowmobile Tours

Experience Adirondack winter magic with Lake Vanare Snowmobile Tours! Embrace outdoor winter fun with Lake Vanare Snowmobile Tours! We specialize in guided one hour rides on beautiful, snow-crested trails. You can also take a two hour scenic guided ride on groomed trails to Prospect Mountain. Longer rides are available upon request!

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Ride Adirondack trails with the South Warren Snowmobile Club! South Warren Snowmobile Club is a not-for-profit organization maintains snowmobile trails and signage, grooms trails, and sponsors safe snowmobiling courses. South Warren is one of four snowmobile clubs in Warren County. Their members maintain almost 100-miles of snowmobile trails in southern Warren County.

C+C Adirondack Snowmobile Tours

Explore snow-covered trails with C+C Adirondack Snowmobile Tours! C+C Adirondack Snowmobile Tours offers guided tours that are customized to your ability level and desire. Our staff has been riding these Adirondack trails for a combined 40+ years, so we know how to make sure everyone is safe and has fun!

Warren County Bikeway

The Warren County Bikeway makes a family bike ride easy! The bikeway begins at Platt Street in downtown Glens Falls and continues north along rolling hills to Fort George Road in Lake George.

Bolton Mobile Snowmobile Tours

Explore the Lake George Area by snowmobile with Bolton Mobile Snowmobile Tours! Bolton Mobile Snowmobile Tours is the Lake George Area's first mobile snowmobile touring company. They operate on beautiful trails throughout the Lake George Area. This is the perfect way to explore serene locations in the Adirondacks with your family and friends!

Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club

Ride snowmobile trails in Thurman with the Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club! The Thurman Connection Snowmobile Club maintains snowmobile trails in the northeastern portion of the Lake George Area. Their trails run from Lake Luzerne to Speculator, connecting crucial sections of Adirondack trail.

Northern Warren Trailblazers Snowmobile Club

Ride Lake George Area trails with the Northern  Warren Trailblazers Snowmobile Club! The Northern Warren Trailblazers Snowmobile Club maintains the snowmobile trails and signage and grooms the trails in northeastern Warren County and sponsors snowmobile safety courses. It is one of four snowmobile clubs in Warren County.

Hague Sno-Goers Club

Spend your winter snowmobiling in Hague! The Hague Sno-Goers club operates and maintains the snowmobile trail system on the northern end of Lake George and into Essex County. Our trails can be used by both snowmobiles and cross-country skiers. Trails are groomed, have proper signage, trail ID markers, maps, and more.