The entrance to the Pole Hill Pond Preserve is on the west side of Route 9N. Look for the prominent sign.

The Blue Trail starts at the parking area. It follows a logging road for 0.25 miles until it intersects again with the yellow trail, where it bears to the right and crosses a stream. It then continues on a logging road for 0.75 miles, before leaving the road and climbing steadily to the top of the ridge.  The trail undulates for 1.5 miles until it drops down into a knoll, then climbs steeply to the top of Walnut Ridge, which has spectacular views of Lake George.  It then drops down for 0.5 miles to Pole Hill Pond. Just before the pond the trail intersects with a trail that will take you across Godwin Preserve to Padanarum Road. You can then continue on to Amy’s Park, via the connector trail.

Continuing on the loop, the trail leaves the eastern shore of the pond for 0.10 miles, before hugging the shore again until it reaches a logging road. It then follows the logging road, except for two short diversions, for 2.40 miles. At 2.40 miles it turns sharply left off the road and climbs gradually until it intersects with the Yellow Trail. Turn right on to the Yellow Trail to return to the parking area and complete the loop.

To take the Yellow Trail loop from its southern end, turn off of the blue trail about 75 feet in. The Yellow Trail climbs steadily for 0.3 miles until it reaches a ridge (passing the blue trail intersection). It then undulates for 0.3 miles to Bear Knob (watch for some sharp turns).  There are seasonal views at a couple of points.  The trail then descends gradually until it intersects with the Blue Trail again.


  • Pets Allowed