This professionally designed system is a combination of multi-use and dedicated mountain bike trails providing single and double track trails, switchbacks, and some challenging climbs. 20 km of trails include easy greens like the "Ski Bowl Loop"; intermediate blues like "There" and "Back Again" and of course black diamond trails like "Heart Brake" and "On the Rocks."

This system is part of the Cycling Challenge!

Ski Bowl Trails include ~ Carol Thomas Trail, is a flat and easy 1.5-miles or approximately 3,600 steps multi-use, hardened surface trail.

Ski Bowl Loop Trail, is an easy 1.3-mile multi-use, hardened and natural surface.

Ski Bowl Connector bike and hike trail leads to Raymond Brook and Rabbit Pond trails. 12 miles of hiking, easy beginner to intermediate; 8 miles of hiking, 4 miles multi-use single track trail. 7.5 miles mountain bike single-track, easy to advanced; 5 miles of trail designed specifically for mountain bike use, 2.5 miles of multi-use single track.

  • Pets Allowed