Terzian Woodlot

Terzian Woodlot is nice for families and their leashed dogs to enjoy. The easy-moderate trails, with some steep climbs, are used for birding, hiking, and snowshoeing. Some of LGLC trails connect with the Silver Bay YMCA trails.

Although it is not an official DEC trailhead, you can reach the Terzian trail system through DEC state forest land bordering Lake Shore Drive. There is an old DEC trailhead post without a sign. Enter there and you will quickly come to a field. At the far end of the field is a well-worn dirt road, follow it, the road will take you to our kiosk and the entrance to the preserve (approximately 0.3 miles).

The trail has stream crossings and logging road which crosses LGLC boundary line onto Silver Bay lands, (see note). The trail descends gradually to Uncas Falls. For spectacular views of Lake George follow the yellow trail to the ridge of Uncas Cliff.

Please Note – Before using the connecting trails, Silver Bay YMCA asks you to purchase a day-use pass, or become a member for unlimited use.

Terzian Woodlot is maintained by the Lake George Land Conservancy which ensures the protection of a Lake George tributary, has created public access to beautiful forests and ridges, and provide habitat and refuge for the endangered timber rattlesnakes. If you see any snakes, please keep a safe distance and do NOT share its location with others (to keep the snakes and curious people safe from unnecessary encounters).



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