Lake George Boat Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that boats and trailers are clean, drained and dry, and are harboring no invasive species. Our goal is to keep Lake George clean for the future so that we can all enjoy this lake in its current high-quality state for generations to come. There is no cost to boaters for these inspections, or the washing of the boat and trailer if determined necessary by an inspection technician.

For more information regarding seasonal dates for these inspection stations, please visit our website.

Million Dollar Beach Launch – 139 Beach Road, Lake George, NY

Dunham’s Bay Dock & Launch – 2036 Bay Road Queensbury, NY 12845

Hulett’s Landing Marina Inspection – 6068 Lakeside Way Huletts Landing, NY 12841

Mossy Point Public Boat Launch – 158 Black Point Road Ticonderoga, NY 12883

Roger’s Rock Public Campground & Boat Launch – 9894 Lakeshore Drive Hague, NY 12836

Norowal Marina – 21 Sagamore Road Bolton Landing, NY 12836

Adirondack Welcome Center – I-87, Adirondack Northway North between Exits 17 and 18, Queensbury, NY 12804


75 Fort George Road
Lake George, NY 12845
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