American Oak Distillery

Taste the Adirondacks at American Oak Distillery!

American Oak Distillery is a unique, small-batch whiskey and bourbon producer located in the heart of the Adirondacks. The whiskey is produced from the finest grains available and influenced by Adirondack hardwoods and pristine waters.

Stop inside for tours, bottles sales, tastings and/or cocktails, like the Adirondack Honey Bee, or American Mule! They also sell bourbon cigars that are infused with the Double Barrel Bourbon.

American Oak whiskey offers a distinct, full-bodied flavor and a patiently matured signature character. There’s nothing else like it in the Adirondacks!

New Tasting Room!

The Tasting Room will be opening on Main Street (4941 Lake Shore Drive) in Bolton Landing on May 27th at 4pm! It will be offering tastings, cocktails, bottle sales, snacks, merchandise and bourbon cigars. For more information call (518) 240-6076.


209 New Vermont Road
Bolton Landing, NY 12814
Year Round
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