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Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce will host an official ribbon-cutting of Warren County 360 ~ Celebrating Place and People.

The exhibit depicts the evolution of Warren County through the lens of cultural geography, showing how the natural resources of the region led to the development of its economy and society.

Also on exhibit will be Warren County Postal History from 1813 to 1920, curated by Trustee Stephen Matte.

Warren County 360 ~ Celebrating Place and People is a permanent exhibit. The Warren County Historical Society is open Tuesday and Thursday, 9am until 4pm; Friday, 10am until 4pm; Saturday, 11am until 2pm.

The Warren County Historical Society is dedicated to educating about, preserving, and promoting the history and heritage of Warren County. The organization was chartered in 1997 by the New York State Education Department. Offering a museum, exhibits, historical collections and archives, a resource center, community history and culture initiatives, historical programs.