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A two day winter raid on Fort William Henry by approximately 1,600 French forces and their Native American allies under Francois Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil.

British sentries heard tapping which was advance troops testing the ice. The fort began firing the canon which forced the French off the ice.The British would not surrender, continuing the gunfire and cannon fire on the French.

Vaudreuil ordered the out buildings, a sawmill, boats and provisions be set on fire and then set out for home.


Friday, March 23rd ~ Sutler's Fair

3pm - 5pm ~ Here you can learn about what a sutler is and their importance to troops.

Saturday, March 24th ~ Reenactment

Beginning at 9am at the fort garrison reenactment forces prepare for the skirmish which will take place at 1pm.

Saturday, March 24th ~ Dinner and Silent Auction

Enjoy dinner and take your chances for great items in the silent auction.