Perfect your photography skills with Carl Heilman II!

Carl Heilman II will teach you how to take control of your camera, and learn photography basics. You'll go from shooting in Auto mode to having full control over your camera! There will be a step by step PowerPoint presentation showcasing the basic principles of photography: camera options and set-up, image exposure and histograms, peripheral equipment, working with motion, composition, depth field, and shooting for HDR. The class allows time for questions and interactions for half the day at Adirondack Folk School, and practicing camera techniques in the field during the other half of class.

This class is for beginner to advanced beginner level.

Equipment requirements include a DSLR and lens system OR full featured point and shoot camera (preferably with screw-on filter and tripod capability), a sturdy tripod, and a remote release. In addition, bring along whatever variety of lenses you have plus the manual and / or reference sheet for your camera.