The Adirondack Pack Basket is one of the most recognized objects associated with the Adirondacks!

This will be a day of weaving ending with a great pack ready for your day hike or canoe trip. Create your own pack basket patterned from the traditional Adirondack Pack Baskets. Adults and children can wear this pack. Students will weave a plain weave base with the pre-cut spokes. Then learn to continuous weave the sides of the basket, pack tight, level the top, weave a false rim, cut and tuck, insert the handle, fit the rim and lash on basket. Lastly, add an adjustable webbing or leather harness secured with skids. This class will be fun for all weavers. This is a great intro size pack to making pack baskets. Linda will demonstrate, teach you weaving techniques and guide you while you weave your basket. Students will be using a drawknife and other sharp tools. Instructor will bring all materials to make the basket. Baskets will not be stained during class. Dimensions are 6" x 9" x 14" high.

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NOTE:  Materials fee for Webbing Harness - $76. Materials fee for Leather Harness - $95. Leather harness is dark brown. Webbing harness color choices are red, olive green, black and dark brown. Please call Adirondack Folk School if you would like the leather harness as it needs to be ordered a minimum of two weeks prior to the class. Students should wear comfortable clothing.