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Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit with a private paranormal investigation inside one of New York's most haunted destinations!

Join the globally recognized paranormal experts from The Haunted Historian for a one-weekend-only event where you'll join their crew to investigate the claims of paranormal activity taking place behind the guarded walls of this historic fort. 

To begin, guests will receive a 30 minute guided historical and paranormal tour of Fort William Henry, complete with the experiences staff and guests have had in what spots thoughts the years.

Then, our team will guide guests to the most haunted destinations within the fort to outline the experiences guests might have in each spot that night and to familiarize guests with the ghost hunting equipment provided by Haunted Ventures, LLC for the investigation.

After that, guests will be allowed to roam freely throughout the fort or can choose to remain with the Haunted Ventures team and explore the fort together. It's the perfect balance between structure and free will for an investigation inside one of New York's most allegedly haunted destinations.

Fort William Henry has stood looming over the Southern shore of Lake George since the British first erected its foritfied walls in 1755. However, despite the intention of the fort to serve as a stronghold for British forces, the French managed to storm the site with a force powerful enough to take control of the structure, leaving many soldiers to perish in the wake of the conflicts fury.

The blood of these soldiers, as well as those of hundreds of additional fleeing British and French troops who were slaughtered by nearby Native American tribes, have stained the very earth upon which the fort - now being a replica of the original - stands to this day. As such, staff and visitors have reported encounters with countless apparitions, the screams and voices of long-deceased soldiers, strong levels of poltergeist activity, and more at what is now considered to be one of the most haunted destinations in the Northeast.