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With this much history there are bound to be ghosts!

Considering the battles, skirmishes, disease and many years of history,  there are spirits still roaming the grounds of Fort William Henry. Join the tour of ghostly places and learn about some of these spirits still calling the Fort and grounds home.

Hear the stories handed down over the years, as well as the personal experiences shared by those leading the tour.

Do you think you'll see a ghost?

~ Ghost Tours ~ Wednesday to Sunday ~

  • May 7th thru June 30th -  7:30pm and 9pm.
  • June 30 to September 2nd -  7:30pm; 8pm; 9pm, and 9:30pm.
  • September 5th thru October 28th -  7:30pm and 9pm. 

Reservations are required, please call to schedule a time and maybe see a ghost.

Please Note ~ This is a walking tour with stairs and not recommended for those with medical conditions. Please see website or call for details and recommendations.