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The Lake George Arts Project's Courthouse Gallery presents "The Waiting" new work by Scott Brodie

This exhibit will be installed in the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery, and available for the public to view. In place of an on-site gallery reception, you're welcome to join a Live Online Talk with Scott Brodie on March 6th at 4pm. Zoom link here.

Scott Brodie has been painting what could be defined as the seemingly “ordinary” for most of his 40+ years as an artist. This exhibition will feature his most recent work, all created within the last year. They are observations of daily life, ranging from still life to landscape. Through the immediacy of his loose brush work, these deftly painted works capture the intimacy of meditative moments of observation of light and color. Depending on his subject, Brodie alternates his palette from bold saturated colors to warm soft light, accentuated with flecks of a warm ground color peeking through. Any object, such as a glass, a can, a chair, a plant, or a lawnmower, can be transformed into a celebration of painting. For more on Scott Brodie click here.

Please NOTE: Regular Gallery hours may change due to COVID-19 public health concerns and protocols. For updates please call 518-323-5499 or email laura@lakegeorgarts.org or visit.

All visitors will need to wear a mask and will be asked to sign in with their name and two points of contact (email, address, and/or phone number). Masks will be provided for those that need one, and hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout our space.