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The Lake George Arts Project's Courthouse Gallery presents new work by Barbara Todd!

This exhibit will be installed in the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery, and available for the public to view. In place of an on-site gallery reception, you're welcome to join a Live Online Talk with Barbara Todd on November 20 at 4pm. Zoom link here.

Hours during exhibitions are Wednesday through Friday 12 – 5 pm, Saturday 12 – 4 pm, and all other times by appointment. For updates please call 518-323-5499 or email laura@lakegeorgarts.org 

Barbara Todd is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist, best known for her textile works. With a minimalist sensibility she draws inspiration from poems, her personal experience and perceptions of the everyday. 

In the context of this exhibition, three related series of works: sewn fabric drawings, large woolen quilts, and tiny linen collages, share the unique space of the Courthouse Gallery, each adhering to its own, independent, installation plan. Seen together, the works translate fleeting glimpses of color pairings into tactile reminders of place and experience, becoming an abstract archive of things noticed. Just as one day folds into another, and another, it is their accumulation that gives form to the whole.

Todd’s involvement with textiles began early. She says: “When I was seven years old my grandmother taught me how to knit. Our first project was a red mohair sweater.  At about the same time another well-intentioned mentor helped me to sew clothes for my Barbie doll. It’s possible my career as an artist began then… Ever since, though I have worked with many different materials, and read and looked widely, textiles remain central to my practice. It’s the conversation between material and process and meaning that keeps me going”.

For more information on Barbara Todd click here.