The Natural Beauty of Algae...and Its Warning

The Lake George Arts Project's Courthouse Gallery had planned a one-week exhibition featuring Kathy Bozony's work documenting and researching the algal blooms in Lake George. A reception for the exhibition is unable to happen due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, but an online gallery has been created here. You can also find Kathy's presentation here.

For over 10 years Kathy Bozony has been documenting algal blooms in Lake George. She has taken thousands of underwater photographs and shared them with the lake communities. The importance of sharing these photographs has been a dedicated undertaking, as the prevalence of excess algae in Lake George is not a given, but an anomaly for this type of lake. It is a fact that algae naturally occur in all water bodies, but excessive algae growth does indicate a problem, and we should be concerned.