Oh no - you missed it! But don't be blue. The Lake George region hosts plenty of events year-round, and we know you'll find something that sparks your interest. Search our Lake George events and turn that frown upside down.

A all mountain 5k with obstacles - snow - mud - water ~ are you up to the Challenge?

Walk it - Hike it - Run it - Combo it ~ it's all on foot! Beginning at the courtyard the obstacles include the b-net crawl, slalom pole distance throw, the ski rack limbo, inner tube carry, G S Gate course with water carry, slalom pole forest, hay bail hurdles, balance of tower, fire wood stacking, cafeteria tray slide and the slush pond foot freeze.

Kid's Run at 9:15am is a shorter course with obstacles for ages 7-11 - Good Luck kids!

Individuals and teams of four - get family and friends together for this unique and challenging 5k. Online registration here. Awards in several categories follow.

It's a fun Spring day for everyone and supports Double H Ranch and West Mountain School.