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Through this exhibition learn the stories of the architects, commercial builders, businesses occupying downtown Glens Falls buildings, and the people who lived in the houses along city streets and town roads.

The exhibition builds on research and material used in the popular Chapman Museum's annual Cemetery and Walking Tours. You will discover, through historic photographs and audio recordings, the human stories behind many key buildings in the area, including landmarks that have not survived.

Buildings lost in the fire of 1864, which burned the entire center of the village have been replaced by multi-story brick buildings, many which still stand and gives the city its distinctive character.

Photos of historic buildings no longer standing will include the Wing House; the First Presbyterian Church, both were on  Warren Street. The Opera House; Rockwell House on Fountain Square, and the Glens Falls Insurance Company. Among the buildings which still stand include Ordway Hall; the B B Fowler building; Hotel Ruliff; Church of the Messiah, and Hall's Ice Cream on Maple Street.

In exhibit one also meet a wide variety of people ~ hotelier George Brown of the Halfway House; teacher Susan Lockhart; builder Hiram Krum; Addison and May Colvin - to name but a few.

Chapman Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-4pm; Sunday, Noon-4pm. The museum is closed major holidays.