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Do you need a stress free night of holiday fun?

Shopping. Cooking. Wrapping. Baking. Relatives…and not necessarily the good ones. Mandatory multicultural holiday celebrations at work. Decorating the gender free hallway in your kid’s dormitory. Sound familiar? Yes, the holiday season is fast approaching but Sherry Davey’s BiPolar Express is here to help you escape all the stress with 90 minutes of family friendly comedy and heartwarming stories of growing up Jewish and Catholic. Sherry’s family celebrates Christmas and Hanukah – And what do these two holidays have in common? Advil and Valium. That’s right – nothing.

Hop aboard the BiPolar Express as it travels along the Davey family dysfunction junction with hilarious tales of Chrismukkah, her crazy ex-husband crashing into inflatable Rudolph, her Jewish Mother using Santa to teach the grandchildren about heart disease and cousin Richard showing up as cousin Rachel for the most fun night of Hanukkah ever! Laugh and let go with Sherry for a stress free night of comedy this holiday!