Abby's Cookie Jar offers seasonal cookie sets, and customized cookie sets, for all occasions! Want to try decorating your own cookies? Order one of the seasonal DIY kits, or book a cookie decorating class! Cookie decorating classes are a fun way to celebrate birthdays and bachelorette parties! Or just a fun weekend activity for friends and/or family!  

They sell more than cookies too! Here you can try: Cupcakes, hot cocoa bombs, oreo truffles, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, cookie cakes, edible cookie dough, and more!

Here is the owner's own words of why she started this business: "It was a celebration any time my grandmother pulled out a fresh tray of her famous warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies from the oven. Being raised by her, it was inevitable that I would grow up to find myself enjoying the love of cookies and all things sweet. In November 2019, my daughter Abigail was born, and it was through her sweet smile and time spent  with her at home that I decided it was time for me to share these yummy treats with the world."