Here in the Lake George Area, we believe that any day spent with the ones you love is worth celebrating. That’s why we’re so excited to help you plan your dream Lake George Area wedding through a series of blog posts this summer. Last month, we discussed ceremony and reception venues and highlighted some of the great planning services offered in the area. This month, we’re bringing you information on a bridal shop to find your perfect dress, bakeries for every type of wedding cake you can imagine, and catering services to fit the tastes of every guest at the reception.

The Wedding Dress

Couple getting married on the waterfront of Lake George

One of the first things any bride thinks about when beginning the wedding planning process is the dress! Finding a dress can be an exciting adventure. Why not look in the beautiful Lake George Area? Bride and Gown in Glens Falls has over 2,000 samples to choose from, not to mention a selection for bridesmaids and Mothers of the Bride.

The Wedding Cake

Adirondack birch tree based wedding cake

Although the dress is essential, if you’re anything like us you know that the cake is one of the most important parts of any wedding. The Lake George Area is home to some of the best bakeries in Upstate New York, ready to help you bring your wedding cake dreams to life. Belle Dolci of North Creek offers everything from classic tiered wedding cakes to trendy “Naked Cakes” and cupcake towers. The Lake George Baking Co. has been serving the region for over 26 years with locations in both Lake George and Queensbury. Their cakes have earned them local and national fame. Even Rachel Ray is a fan! Cafe Sarah in North Creek adds a true north country element to each of its handmade wedding cakes. 


chocolate wedding cake with white poppies

A wedding cannot go on with cake alone. Picking the perfect caterer is an essential part of making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch! Deliciously Different Specialty Items, located in Queensbury, will cater the menu to your exact tastes, providing farm-to-table focused offerings for gatherings of all sizes. If you’re interested in maintaining a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free menu for your special day, try Samantha’s Cafe and Catering. If your venue covers food and you’re more interested in creating a perfect drink experience, try the ADK Traveling Bar! Completely customizable and able to travel to your location, the ADK Traveling Bar is perfect for those who want a fun and unique addition to their wedding.

The Photographs in this post were provided by Brayton Photography. Krystal and Daniel Brayton are the husband and wife team behind the beautiful images that come out of Brayton Photography. Krystal, an Alaska native turned New Yorker, is the photographer behind the wedding, portrait, and family photography. Her husband, Daniel, is local to the Lake George Area and is a "technical guru, Krystal-calmer, and gear hauler." The team is passionate about what they do, and you are sure to treasure every photograph they capture. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.