My new parents decided to celebrate my first birthday with a trip to the Lake George Area where I got to try so many new things!  There was food, shopping, nature, food, friends, playtime, food, fish, boats and did I mention food?  Anyway – I decided I had to tell you all about it!

We stayed at a big place with lots of trees, critters, and new smells.  The humans call it the Lake George RV Park.  There was so much to do there - pools, trails, ponds, games and other dogs to play with.  My favorite part was the doggie playland named Charlie’s Bark Park. It’s for all the good dogs camping there.


I made tons of new friends running around on the turf and in the wooded area.  It was heaven.


The next morning we got up so early I didn’t even have to lick my parent’s faces to let them know it was time for my walk.  We jumped in the car and went to a little town, Bolton Landing, where we had breakfast at The Shack.


  I sat right by the sidewalk and watched all the puppies and people exploring the shops and restaurants.


A few minutes later I was climbing a mountain!  I’ve never been on a hike and The Pinnacle was magical.  The path was easy for my doggie nose to follow and there were benches along the way where we stopped to rest. 


Once we reached the top, I could see farther than I’ve ever seen before – lots of islands and mountains and water and trees everywhere.  The trip back down was quick and I fell asleep in the car as we drove away.

I lifted my eyelids and we were in Lake George Village.  The sidewalks were full of people.  When we stopped at one store, The Dog Cabin, the friendly lady working there gave me a cookie while my mom bought me a new collapsible water dish for our trip.  We walked along the promenade by the lake and a nice girl ran out to pet me. 


She led us to a table at the restaurant where she works, Christie’s, and we had sandwiches overlooking the lake and mountains.   


After our rest at Christie’s, we did the most exciting thing of the whole day!  We walked to this strange stretch of land covered with sand where I was allowed to walk right up to the biggest water bowl I’ve ever seen.  I licked the water and it tasted great! 


There were so many people inside the bowl and I couldn’t figure out what they were doing.  My parents walked in and called for me to come.  When I tried to walk to them, my paws sunk into the water! 


I kept my cool and tried to walk on top of it like a dignified puppy.  I tried going slow, running at it and jumping, but every time I got close, my legs sank beneath the surface and water splashed my face.  What was going on?


Finally, I took a deep breath and walked slowly out to my dad’s arms.  The water felt super on my skin.


 I kept going deeper and deeper until I wasn’t touching the bottom anymore.  My paws were still moving and I realized I was swimming! 


What a wonderful feeling.


We took a nap in the warm sun on Dog Beach after our swim.  Once we were dry we went to 163 Tap Room for dinner. 

tap room

I was allowed to sit right next to the sidewalk again and so many people stopped to pet me.  I gave them kisses.


The next morning we hopped in the car and stopped at Bean’s Country Store to grab some breakfast to take with us to Crandall Park.  We sat by a pretty pond (that my parents wouldn’t let me swim in – hhrumph!) and ate egg sandwiches and pastries. 


There were ducks everywhere (that I wasn’t allowed to chase – come on!).  We sat by that pond forever.  My parents were waiting for something.  Then my dad got really excited and moved to pick up a stick he had been playing with.  There was a strange slimy thing hanging from a string on the end of it – a fish!  I’d never seen one before.


  It smelled kind of weird and when it touched my nose, it wriggled.  I’m not so sure about fishes.  Thank goodness Dad just took a picture and threw it back in the water.

It started to rain so we jumped in the car and drove to Lake George where we walked to the Lake George Shoreline and onto a huge boat called The Horicon.  There were other dogs on the boat with their families too.  We rode the boat up and down the lake and learned so many neat things about the history of the area and the islands we passed. 


We mostly stayed inside where it was dry but once the skies cleared up, we went out to the front of the boat where I could feel the breeze in my fur and smell the mountain air.


When the boat cruise was over, we stopped at King Neptune’s Pub.  They had a sign out front inviting dogs to come in.  We had a tasty lunch looking out over the lake before climbing back into the car.  We drove for a few minutes and when we got out I saw dogs everywhere! 


We were at the Lake George Dog Park and I had a blast.  There were so many dogs for me to jump and wrestle with.  We ran through tunnels and over obstacles being our wild and feisty selves! 


After a while, it was time to go so we headed to the water station before leaving the dog park for the Factory Outlets of Lake George.  Usually, mommy does all the shopping and leaves me at home but this time, I went too.


  At the Orvis outlet, I was allowed to go in and they even gave me a cookie! 


After an afternoon of playing and shopping, I was pretty hungry.  We drove right up the street to Martha’s Dandee Crème and had dinner.  The best part?  ICE CREAM!!!  I have never, ever tasted anything so delicious in my whole life. 

ice cream dish

They made a special dish for me with a cookie on top.  I licked and licked until it was gone.  I offered to help finish everyone else’s too.  I’m not sure if it was my wagging tail or my cute doggie face but finally, a considerate man let me have the rest of his!


  I cannot wait to go back there again.


Even though I would have been happy to take a nap after my ice cream, my parents knew best and took me to Hovey Pond Park.  It was so great!  We walked around the pond and saw other dogs walking too. 

baby duck

We even ventured onto one of the side trails where I saw a mommy duck with all her babies.  I sat there and watched them for a long time.  They were so cute!

We ended the day in Glens Falls City Park where we watched a movie on a huge screen under the stars.  There were tons of people there and plenty of other puppies.  It was quiet and cool and when I lay down I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Mom woke me up and led me to the car after the movie was over.

The next day we came home.  It’s nice to be back home but I miss our weekend in the Lake George Area.  Now I just need to figure out how to tell Mom and Dad that they’re taking me again next year!

last look


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