"The Warren County Bikeway runs 10 miles between Glens Falls and Lake George, about an hour’s drive north of Albany. Riders pedal over rolling hills, past historic sites and picturesque villages, and through lush forests filled with pine and cedar trees. The trail is paved, but there’s a 1.5-mile section that takes riders off the path and along lightly traveled suburban streets and the Glens Falls Country Club.

Warren County Bikeway

'The beauty of the Bikeway is that it offers opportunities to cyclists of all ability levels, from families with younger children to recreational riders to athletes-in-training,' said Joanne Conley, tourism director for Warren County. 'It connects the City of Glens Falls to the Village of Lake George by providing a scenic and safe riding route with endless opportunities to explore nearby communities and local points of interest along the way.'”

"And currently, there’s no stopping the Warren County Bikeway’s momentum, as both the government and local businesses are working to make the county an even more bicycling-friendly destination through branding and infrastructure additions.

Warren County Bikeway

Since the Warren County Bikeway was conceived … the Bikeway has been a ground-breaking recreational asset that has charted a course for cycling in the Lake George Area,' said Conley."

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