It’s easy to fall in love with the Lake George Area. The seemingly endless wildernesscrystal-clear waterwaysfishing, hiking, biking and more bring people in. What keeps people coming back, or makes them stay forever, are the connections made to the environment, the people, and the atmosphere of good honest fun that exist in the region. Although vacations come to an end and people leave the area, a great way to bring a part of the community home with you is to buy local art.

For many, buying art is a reminder of the point in time you bought it, how it made you feel, and what it can bring to your everyday life. Buying local art ensures that not only do you have the satisfaction of bringing a piece of the region home with you to commemorate your trip, you’re also helping the community thrive. It can be fun exploring the towns in the region and popping into souvenir shops to pick up sweatshirts and coffee mugs. However, buying a work of art is an investment in your connection to the community for generations to come.

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It may seem daunting to go off the beaten path and seek out local art, however, the Lake George Area is a region steeped in creativity, and works of art for every taste and budget are readily available. Many local businesses carry handmade local jewelry, pottery, and more. Stuck in the Mud Pottery in Brant Lake features classic pottery with Adirondack inspiration. Artist Janelle Beaulieu cites the high peaks and winding rivers of the region as inspiration for her work, which can be described as “instinctively simple, domestic forms with natural colors” that will look just as good on your kitchen counter back home as they do at the lake house. The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls is home to a collection of local artists and artisans with various studios and galleries open to the public from 8am-5pm daily (individual studio hours vary, check the website for more details) where you can find anything from fine art to handmade guitars.

The LARAC Art Festival, which runs from June 17-18 in downtown Glens Falls, is another unique way to connect with the community and find new and exciting works of art to decorate your home. Roughly 200 exhibitors gather in the heart of Glens Falls, offering food, music, locally made goods, art and more. The fun and relaxed setting has something for both those new to buying art and experienced collectors. Wander around the tents, enjoy the food and music, and find what you gravitate to. If you see something you like, stop by and talk to the artist, you may be surprised by what you learn about the art and the region!

The Lake George Area is a beautiful place to visit; a beauty that translates to the work of local artists and artisans. Keep your money where your heart is by buying from Lake George Area businesses and feel the satisfaction of investing in a memory, decoration, and heirloom all in one.