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The communities surrounding the 32-mile long, 44 square mile lake conserve its pristine waters. Depending on where you are along the 108-mile shore of Lake George and where the sun is in the sky above, the color of the water can change from an light blue-green to a deep navy blue. When the water is still it’s easy to see the many fish and plants beneath the surface.

Lake George is “The Original Vacation” destination, drawing visitors for more than 200 years to enjoy recreation and relaxation in the area. Steamboats travel up and down the lake in season taking in the fresh air and view of mountains that surround the lake.

Children are delighted by watching schools of fish that swim along the public beaches of Lake George’s shores. Fishing is a popular pastime in the many bays.

With 183 islands on Lake George and many of those maintained by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, outdoor camping takes on new meaning on Lake George. Island sites offer tent platforms and outhouses with 360-degree views of the mountains and water.

With water that's so clear, it's the main source of drinking water for communities along the lake, it's no wonder Country Living Magazine chose Lake George as one of the 15 clearest bodies of water in North America.  To read the full article, click here.