The Great Escape & Indoor Water Park

Indoor Waterpark

Vacationing in the Lake George Area is an all-out electrifying adventure and many of those awesome experiences take place indoors. When an unexpected boom of thunder or an unusually frigid morning threaten your plans these five attractions will save the day. Take your family to a luxurious resort and indoor water park where it’s summer all year round. Let loose at an indoor fun center where you can play laser tag, bowl strike after strike, and crush virtual golf balls on sports simulators. Survive a climb up a steep indoor rock wall or an exploration of a haunted mansion. These five indoor adventures are a thrilling addition to every Lake George Area getaway.

The first stop on our tour in the Lake George Area is the Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park. This Adirondack-themed hotel is a haven for adventurers, offering family-friendly restaurants, constant kid-centric activities, and of course, a massive indoor water park. The Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park has everything you would expect from a top-notch water adventure: water slides, a lazy river, and even boogie boarding and surfing.

The magic begins at White Water Bay, where it’s always summer and the temperature is a constant 82 degrees. This indoor bay is where all of the slides and rides are located. First, head to Glacier Run and Snow Shoe Falls, two of the most exhilarating water slides you’ll ever encounter. These tubes are fast and furious, both running nearly 300 feet. After your heart stops pounding take a break on Take-it-Eesi Creek, a lazy river sprinkled with mini waterfalls and other surprise splashes to ensure you’re absolutely soaked. Next, pump it up again at the Avalanche, a four-person ride down a 382-foot tube that is almost as extreme as rafting the mighty Hudson River. End your evening with the all-new Splashtacular Light Show. This nightly event features hundreds of moving multi-colored lights that flash and flare in rhythm to the newest tunes and classic hits. Once you get in the water and the music is turned up you’ll be dancing the night away.

And there’s more where that came from. Young children will love Tip-A-Kanu-Beach, featuring a shallow pool with small water slides, swings, and fountains to keep them safe and refreshed. After your kids have had enough water for the day, they can head to the Kids Klub Clubhouse for arts and crafts, stories, and movies. Kids can also join Scooby-Doo for milkshakes or Scrappy-Doo for ice cream sundaes. As far as indoor adventures go, this one is a lot of water-logged fun.

Timbertown Gang


Rocksport Climbing Gym

Next on our list of indoor adventures is Rocksport, an indoor rock climbing gym that welcomes climbers of all ages and ability levels. With nearly 10,000 square feet of indoor rock climbing space, Rocksport is the place to go for a high-quality indoor rock climbing adventure. Their absolutely brand new facility includes beginner walls for those new to climbing, overhanging walls for the advanced, and a bouldering cave for rope-free climbing.

Rocksport knows what they’re doing when it comes to climbing. This family-owned and operated business has been instructing climbers since 1992. The experienced climbing staff includes a former national competitor and a former National Park Climbing Ranger. They wrote an early Adirondack climbing guidebook in 1972 and have climbed in far-flung places such as the Alps and Himalayas. They’ve safely introduced over 21,000 people of all ages and ability levels to climbing. Safety is of the utmost concern.

First-time climbers are always welcome at Rocksport. The minimum age for climbers is five-years-old. The introduction to climbing technique and safety is serious at Rocksport. After a waiver is signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18, the gear fitting and gym orientations begin. Climbers will be issued climbing shoes and anyone with their own gear will have it safety checked. Staff will explain the layout of the gym and any questions you have are encouraged. Next is the safety briefing which consists of staff teaching climbers how to effectively belay and lower climbers to the ground.  Visitors cannot climb independently until these techniques are mastered. Then, it’s time to conquer the climbing wall. If your idea of an indoor adventure is about strength and fortitude, Rocksport is your place.



The Fun Spot

Third on our list of indoor adventure spots in the Lake George Area is the Fun Spot. This family-friendly fun center has several options that kids and adults will enjoy. The Fun Spot’s activities encourage excitement and movement so that kids can get exercise even on rainy days.

Your first stop should be The Ninja Challenge. This physical trial features nine challenging elements that are designed to test and hone your ninja skills. Challenges include hanging rings to cross, slanted blocks to be bounded over, and ropes to climb. While the recommended height of potential ninjas is 54” tall, anyone shorter than that can always give it a go. If you’re up for the challenge you may even be Ninja of the Day.

Another sweet indoor activity at the Fun Spot is their laser tag arena. This multi-level Lasertron Arena is an awesome place for kids to run around and compete in a battle in the dark. The new arena is cutting edge, featuring bases on the top and bottom levels, 12 different power chips, and new vests with advanced technology. This isn’t a virtual reality game – kids can chase each other from base to base and blast their laser gun at enemies. Competitors even get their own personal report cards so they know who truly demolished the competition.

the Fun Spot

Don’t leave the Fun Spot without doing a few laps at their roller skating rink. There’s nothing like strapping some roller skates or roller blades to your feet and speeding around the rink for a few hours. The Fun Spot is always playing the hottest new music so kids can jam out while they skate. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own blades, the Fun Spot has plenty of pairs available for rent.

The Fun Spot’s indoor playground is perfect for kids too young for laser tag or the Ninja Challenge. This 1,500 square foot attraction features 12 different elements for kids to explore. There are two 16’ foot double slides, a zip line, a magic carpet, the elastic tunnel and the cave climb. And if that’s not enough, some pizza, chicken nuggets, and arcade games can round out the afternoon. That’s a full day of indoor adventure.

Lake George Lanes & Games

No list of indoor adventure is complete without a visit to the bowling alley. Lake George Lanes & Games offers top-notch bowling along with indoor sports simulators, laser tag, arcades, and an indoor playground, all conveniently placed in Lake George Village.

This premier bowling spot has plenty of lanes to choose from and there’s always a lane open. Their facility is new and updated with state of the art equipment, including TVs at every lane so you never miss a home run or a touchdown. All ages and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to bowl at Lake George Lanes. For a nighttime treat bring your family to Galactic Bowling. This variation on regular bowling has great music and a scintillating lights show. Roll strike after strike under black lights, special effects, and all of your favorite tunes. There’s nothing like bowling with your family.

The sports simulators are another big hit at Lake George Lanes. The golf courses are most popular. You can chip and putt on some of the most famous courses in the world, such as Bethpage Black and Torrey Pines. Sneak in a round during a Nor’easter or while the rest of your family is bowling. If you’re not a golfer you can also play simulated football, soccer, and baseball.

Lake George Lanes & Games

Lake George Lanes has a few more attractions in addition to bowling and sports simulators. The laser tag arena is a multi-level “Adirondack Fort” themed course. They have first-class equipment that allows for several different styles of laser tag games to be played and as many as 24 participants per game. You can retain your scores and data for the entire duration of your stay so that you can stack yourself up against other competitors. They also have an awesome arcade and a great indoor playground for kids. Their arcade features the newest and sweetest games such as Typhoon Lagoon, Aliens, and Down the Clown. Their indoor playground is perfect for young children. They have over 10,000 feet of slides, bumpers, and other elements to explore.

Creepy Indoor Adventures

Last but not least on our list of Lake George Area indoor adventures is the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum! (Opening in Mid-April) This spooky adventure is located in Lake George and is waiting to be explored – if you dare.

To experience one of the scariest adventures in the Lake George Area, make a heart-pounding stop at the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum. This museum displays traditional horror scenes from pop culture and literature in the style of classic wax museums. The environment is dark and may be terrifying for some children, so parental discretion is advised. If you’re lucky you may be able to shake Frankenstein’s monster’s hand.

House of Frankenstein


While the stunning mountain views, manicured golf courses, and crystal-clear lakes should be the center of every Lake George Area vacation, indoor adventures should never be left out. There’s always room for some runs on a water slide, a tour through a grotesque wax museum, or a round of laser tag. After all, the Lake George Area is all about fun. A lot of that fun happens indoors.