Winter in New York can be frigid. The subzero temperatures keep some people inside, warming their hands in front of the fire and missing out on the wonder of the season. Others embrace the cold, bundling up in heavy coats and thick gloves, and gather around an ice bar.

What is an ice bar?

Master artisans use saws and chisels to craft a bar made of ice. These flawless and intricate creations become the centerpieces of fancy lounges and local watering holes throughout the Lake George Area. Groups gather to sip cocktails served on these frozen wonders, basking in the warmth of family and friendship.

Check out the ice bars in the Lake George Area below and make sure to watch our ice bar video on YouTube to get a taste of the experience!

Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge

Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge at the Sagamore Resort with ice stools covered in white fur

The Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge, the swankiest rendition of the ice bar, is held at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing. People in fur and fedoras sip handcrafted drinks served over the masterfully-carved bar while admiring views of Dome Island and the Narrows. Past ice lounge events featured additional ice carvings like covered bar stools, roomy loveseats, snowmobiles so detailed they look real, penguin cocktail servers, and more.

Read about what it is like to experience the Glacier Ice Bar & Lounge on our blog.

Funky Ice Fest

Funky Ice Fest at Adirondack pub and brewery man playing an ice piano

Funky Ice Fest is an all-out ice festival held annually at the Adirondack Pub & Brewery in Lake George Village. There’s no doubt that you’re walking into a winter-themed party – everything is ice! Sculptures at Funky Ice Fest include a frozen beer pong table, a playable piano, and several ice bars serving frosty drinks. The BYOV (bring your own vinyl) policy ensures the dancing lasts all night. Food trucks, bonfires, and the Funky Lounge round out the night. This event is family-friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome at this can't miss winter event.

Polar Ice Bar at Fort William Henry

Polar Ice Bar

The Polar Ice Bar at the Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center is a great opportunity to sip a drink and admire a miles-long view of Lake George. Take a seat next to the fire with a handcrafted cocktail and a warm cup of soup and enjoy the music. Ice sculptures at the Polar Ice Bar include a full-service bar, intricate snowflakes, detailed animals, and more.

Forest Ice Bar at the Holiday Inn Resort

Forest Ice Bar lit with green lights at the Holiday Inn Resort

The Holiday Inn Resort will be holding their annual Forest Ice Bar this winter. Their aim is to create an icy paradise, with their ice bar nestled among the pines in their front fire pit area. Ice sculptures, tasty cocktails, and blazing fire pits make the Forest Ice Bar a can’t-miss event. Make a full night out of this ice bar and book a room!

The Garrison Ice Bar

Garrison Ice Bar

  Check out the Garrison Ice Bar for views of Lake George, a burger or sandwich, and ice cold drinks at the frozen bar. This year-round bar and grill specializes in burgers, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. The Garrison Ice Bar is perfect for a drink during the Lake George Winter Carnival.