1. Make Lunch Fun!

pile of sandwiches

Whether you are a professional going back to work after an extended Labor Day vacation, or a student getting ready to snap back into the morning routine, having something to look forward to mid-day can make all the difference in the world. Don’t just eat, nourish. Pack fresh fruit or add a new spread to sandwiches, try pesto instead of mayo.

2. Commit to a new habit.

garbage cans and bags

Try flossing your teeth daily or checking the mail by the trash and recycling to not bring unwanted items into the house. There is data to support that having a big goal with small steps toward achievement has a positive effect. Habits are a way of eliminating wasted time, which means more time for vacation!

3. Say no.

yes, no, maybe list with no checked off

Many people make the mistake of overcommitting in the pursuit of making others happy. During this busy time of year go ahead and say no to the things that won’t add value to your life.

4. Strive for Balance

young by leaning on a rock with fall foliage

Does time on social media make you feel bad? Do you find that after a workout you feel good? Is diving headlong into a new tv show your way of relaxing? Go ahead and do the things that make you feel good and maybe, just for a little while, back off of the things that leave you feeling bleh.

5. Smile.

Couple eating snow cones on the lake shore

You are going to have to trust us on this one. At the grocery store check-out, on the street, or even as you type an email or take a phone call, smiling can influence everything and everyone for the better.

6. Plan Your Next Getaway

Hot air balloons in Queensbury NY

We know, this may seem like avoidance or not really coping with the changing season, but the truth is, one of the best parts of the present is looking forward to the days in the future that will inevitably become your favorite memories. We know the perfect place to enjoy the fall season!