Fishing can be competitive, and everyone loves a little competition. From Lake George to the Brant Lake, a fishing derby is a great way to show off your fishing prowess in the Lake George Area.

The Lake George Area’s is home to great fishing. A few annual fishing derbies bring local and visiting anglers alike to the region to fish for a while. The premier fishing derby in the region is the King George Fishing Derby. Held on Lake George in July, the King George Fishing Derby has adult and junior divisions, multiple launch sites, and competitions for lake trout, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. Brant Lake holds its own share of fishing derbies. The annual Bob Whitford Ice Fishing Tournament holds competitions in perch, trout, and crappie. There is also an annual ice fishing derby at the Brant Lake Winter Carnival. If you’re a competitive angler there’s plenty of competition in the Lake George Area.


King George Fishing Derby

The Derby has multiple launch sites and fishing in 3 categories, lake trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass. Prizes will be awarded for adult and junior divisions, junior division is for younger than 16. Lake George, known for its beauty and as the Queen of American Lakes, is 32-miles long surrounded by the southern Adirondack Mountains. The lake has been a favorite fishing spot for visitors and locals over generations.

Lake George, NY