fish2Over 150 species of fish call the lakes, ponds, brooks and rivers of the Lake George area home. From the highly prized “Brookie” to Landlocked Salmon and trophy Lake Trout–get ready to reel in plenty of excitement.

Many consider the ultimate angler experience is hiking to a remote mountain pond, lake or stream to fly-fish for the beautifully colored and elusive “Brookie.” Unless you are very familiar with the area, backcountry trips are more successful and enjoyable if you are accompanied by a licensed guide.

Others bring their own boat or hire a charter service to fish the 288,000 acres of Lake George where crystal clear waters allows light to penetrate exceptionally deep, creating a unique two-story fishery. The sought after, hard fighting landlocked Atlantic Salmon, and trophy sized Lake Trout are found in cold water at 50-180 feet while both Small and Largemouth Bass and Pike are in the warmer shallow bays and weedbeds around islands. And of course everyone enjoys pan fishing!

The headwaters of the Hudson River offer an unexpected fishing experience for anglers, especially those who are not aware of the rivers' fast-moving clean, clear waters. Some sections of the river are so narrow that you can throw a rock from one bank to the other and even walk across without getting your waist wet! The main species in the upper stretches are Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout along with the occasional Small Mouth Bass.

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Wherever you decide to cast your line, there’s world-class fishing waiting in the waters of the Lake George Area.