Snowshoe hikers and runners are welcome to come to enjoy Stone Bridge in the winter. The 2018 races will highlight interesting features of some of the 14-plus miles of snowshoe trails.

The course offers views of Trout Brook, the southern Adirondacks from the top of Catamount, dark hemlock forest groves.

The race starts at an elevation of 990-feet and climbs up to 1445-feet just before the half way mark ~ then back down with several flats. You'll be racing on a combination of groomed and single track trails with over half the course double track and two short connectors through the woods.

 Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park joins the DION WMAC Snowshoe Series.

All participants are invited to hike the Stone Bridge Cave Loop Trail after the race to view the LARGEST Cave Entrance in the East and frozen waterfalls.