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  • Wilderness & Island Camping

Have you ever parked your car at a trailhead and, with everything you need tucked into a 40 lb pack, followed a trail into the backcountry to enjoy a weekend of sleeping under the stars? Packed a canoe and paddled out to an island to sleep at water's edge? Or, do you enjoy the sounds of nature from inside the walls of your luxury motorhome? Whether roughing it is your way of life or camping is something you would like the kids to experience, with over 5,000 public and private campsites to choose from, and six-million-acres of mountains at your tent flap, the Lake George Area offers a unique "have it your way" camping experience.

Private Campgrounds & RV Parks

From on-site swimming pools, fitness centers and live entertainment to secluded wilderness sites tucked into the bend of a river, our private campgrounds and RV Parks offer luxury and "roughing-it" and everything in-between!

Lake George Island Camping

...On more than 100 islands, one with over 300 campsites, others with as little as one. Bring your motorboat, canoe, kayak or rent a boat to get there. Surrounded by beautiful Lake George it doesn't get any better.

State Campgrounds

Smell the pine! Over 700 lakeside and mountainside sites throughout the area within close, but not too close, proximity to towns and attractions. Bring your fishing poles and your furry friends...Woof!

Primitive Camping

Most folks don't realize that they can pack into the Adirondack forest and camp on a mountain top, along a lake or trout stream. For the experienced camper, it's the only way to go;
for the first timer–hire an outdoor guide.