Lake George Area New Year’s Weekend To Do List

Around here, we know how to ring in the New Year!  Ice bars, parties, fireworks, boat cruises, concerts, hockey games.  You name it. 

Whether you’re looking to celebrate with the family or have a festive night out, there is definitely something going on for you in the
Lake George Area this New Year!  Here are our top picks.

Midnight Fireworks Over Lake George

New Year’s Eve at Midnight
Shepard’s Park

Join us for an annual tradition.  Ring in the New Year with an out of this world fireworks display over the southern basin of Lake George.  Watch from the shore anywhere in Lake George Village!

Ice Bar

Friday, December 30 – Sunday, January 1
Lake George Steamboat Company

The Lake George Steamboat Company kicks off their 200th year in operation with an ice bar by the lake!  Fire pits, specialty drinks and food trucks will be on hand this weekend to keep you warm and fed as you admire the beauty of Lake George in the winter!

New Year’s Cruises on Lake George

Three Cruises to Choose From
Lake George Steamboat Company

To usher in their 200th year in business, the Lake George Steamboat Company is offering three New Year’s Cruises.  The first is a New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise, boarding at 5:00PM.  The second is a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise boarding at 9:15PM.  The third is a New Year’s Day Champagne Brunch Cruise boarding at 11:00AM.

Lake George Polar Plunge

Sunday, January 1 at 1:00PM
Shepard’s Park Beach

Every January 1st at 1:00PM, hundreds of people rush into the freezing cold shores of Lake George for the annual Polar Plunge!  It’s a right of passage and a great rush to start the New Year!

A Family New Year’s Eve with The Zucchini Brothers

Saturday, December 31, 3:00 – 5:00PM
Charles R. Wood Theater

Ring in the New Year with the whole family!  Music for all ages, magic, ventriloquism and comedyDance with your kids, laugh until your sides ache and enjoy a New Year’s Eve party that’s sure to be great fun for everyone!

Frostbite Cruise

Sunday, January 1 at 12:00PM & 2:30PM
Shoreline Cruises

Start the year out right with a cool cruise on beautiful Lake George with delicious food & drinks, live entertainment, great friends and a spectacular setting that are sure to make this a New Year’s you’ll never forget.

New Year’s with the Adirondack Thunder

Saturday, December 31 at 5:30PM
Glens Falls Civic Center

Celebrate with the Thunder as they welcome the Reading Royals to town. Enjoy the post game fireworks and New Year’s Eve festivities follow in Heritage Hall.

Dynamite Hill Celebration Day

Saturday, December 31, 10:00AM – 11:30AM
Dynamite Hill Ski Hut

Dynamite Hill has a brand new tow lift.  Join them for their opening party and
meet Abe Studler, a Horicon native who is a hopeful for the 2018 Winter Olympics!



15 Dos and Don’ts for New Year’s Eve

You’ve arrived! 

Say goodbye to 2016.  2017 is just around the corner!  Time for a bigger, bolder New Year! 

Naturally, you want to start things off with a bang so you’ve decided to spend your New Year’s Eve out and about in the Lake George Area!  Good for you!  We can’t think of a more beautiful place to be.

To help make sure your Lake George New Year is one for the record books, we’ve compiled a list of New Year’s Eve Do’s and Don’ts.

DO:  See some fireworks!

Head to Lake George Village for a MIDNIGHT FIREWORKS DISPLAY OVER THE LAKE.  Or go see the Adirondack Thunder hockey team crush the Reading Royals and enjoy fireworks after the game!

DON’T:  Set off your own fireworks.

Personal fireworks are illegal in New York.  Plus, setting off fireworks in an unfamiliar location or in a less than sober state is probably not the best idea.  Leave the pyrotechnics to the pros.

DO:  Stay well hydrated.

Who wants to start off 2017 with a headache and upset stomach?  Follow the local rule of thumb – order a glass of WATER with each alcoholic beverage you drink.

DON’T:  Drink and drive.

This is common sense but all too often forgotten.  Police throughout the Lake George Area will be out keeping drunk and dangerous drivers off the roads.  We know that sometimes that extra drink can hit you harder than you expected but don’t be tempted!  CALL A TAXI!  There are plenty of local companies and they will be well staffed on December 31.  FYI:  Uber is currently not allowed to operate in Upstate, NY.

DO:  Take part in some local traditions.

Where else can you take a STEAMBOAT out to watch MIDNIGHT FIREWORKS or have a drink at an ICE BAR?  You have to try it!

DON’T:  Go out alone.

Have a trusted friend with you.  It’s so much more fun that way, and it’s safer!

DO:  Have a plan.

There are SO MANY PARTIES to choose from and we know you want to try them all, so why not make a plan?  Start with a list of all the things that you want to fit into your New Year’s Eve.  Pick the two or three that are most important and pencil them into your Holiday schedule.  Look at the rest of your list.  What can you fit in?  What will you have to save for later?  Stick to your plan!

DO:  Share your plan with someone who won’t be with you. 

Even with a plan, New Year’s Eve can be full of surprises.  Make sure someone at home knows where you’ll be in case you can’t hear your phone ringing.

DON’T:  Forget the essentials!

You’ll need your phone, ID, keys and some cash or a credit card.  Make sure you have them secured in a purse or pocket you will have on you all night.  Besides, once midnight comes, you’ll want to grab your phone to call all the people back home and tell them how awesome your New Year’s Eve in the Lake George Area is!

DO:  Have a good dinner.

Your night may last for 5, 6, 7 or even 8 hours, be full of cocktails and you may even find yourself dancing for a good part of the celebration.  You’ll want to have something in your stomach.  Even if the parties you’re heading to promise food, you never know what will be on the menu.  Make sure your appetite is satisfied before the festivities begin.  Click here for a few LOCAL RESTAURANTS we know will be open for the Holiday.

DO:  Fully charge your phone.

You’ll be texting, making calls and taking photos all night long.  Make sure your phone holds out.

DON’T:  Leave your drink or personal belongings unattended.

The Lake George Area is thankfully one of the safest places to celebrate and let go.  Just remember to be smart about it.  When you do need to run to the restroom, make sure a friend is watching your things.  Our suggestion – HAVE A BUDDY.   You watch their things and they watch yours.

DO:  Dress sensibly. 

You’re going out on the town.  You want to look good and feel good.  Just remember that New Year’s Eve can be messy.  Drinks get spilled, food gets dropped, dancing makes you sweaty.  Wear something you wouldn’t mind having ruined or that launders easily.

DON’T: “Forget” your coat.

You’re in the Lake George Area.  Right now, the forecast for New Year’s Eve is a CHILLY 29 DEGREES with snow late at night.  Yes, your New Year’s Eve look is important.  Just make sure it includes a coat and some shoes with traction.

DO:  Celebrate on New Year’s Day!

The fun doesn’t stop at midnight.  Get some rest and then hop on a steamboat for a New Year’s Day BRUNCH CRUISE.  If you’re really daring, join the hundreds of people who participate in the POLAR PLUNGE SWIM every New Year’s Day at Shepard Park in Lake George.

We in the Lake George Area want to say THANK YOU to everyone for a wonderful 2016!  We are so excited for all that 2017 has in store….  more on that later!









The Queen of American Lakes has many towns along its shores that are every bit as magical as the lake. Hague, New York is one such place. Tucked along the northern end of Lake George, Hague is an oasis of history, recreation and charm.

The Hague Historic Museum is open year-round and brings to life the significance the town had in the French and Indian War, as well as in the American Revolution. Hague was settled in 1796 and soon became a destination for New York City visitors who traveled by steamship to enjoy the benefits of time in the great outdoors alongside the lake.

Blending history and commerce, the Hague Market and Juniper on 2 occupy a beautiful 200 year old house located on the main road. Hague Market is the Adirondacks’ oldest running general store and, coincidentally, is owned by the town historian. General stores are anything but general, they are in fact, quite special. Hague Market operates between late spring and late fall. When you go you’ll find coffee, breakfast (think delicious baked goods and fresh yogurt parfait and granola), sandwiches that you can take to the lake or for a picnic and all sorts of drinks. Upstairs in Juniper on 2, enjoy looking through everything from home decor and baby gear, to women’s clothing and jewelry.  You can find their hours on Facebook.

Made in Hague is another place to put on your list as you explore this town. This specialty shop offers crafts, ceramics and fishing lures made locally, as well as photography and home wares. Use it, fill it, admire it, catch it, and hang it, Made in Hague has you covered.

For dinner you can’t miss the Hague Firehouse. The restaurant’s name comes from the building’s former use as a firehouse. One of the dining areas is outdoors and overlooks a brook. The menu is pub meets restaurant with substitutions for those with gluten allergies. Live music, great drinks and a friendly chef make the Hague Firehouse the place to be from May to September.

For a slightly more active experience you can go for miles, whether it’s on the 16 miles of snowmobiling and cross country skiing trails that the Hague Sno Goers manage or boating from Dockside Landing Marina. The marina can help you get on the water, use your own or rent a paddle board, canoe or kayak from them. If you forgot to pack food and drink, they can help you out there too.

The magic of Hague is its beauty—summer into fall, winter into spring, it is always a beautiful place to be.

200 Years of Memories! New Year’s Celebrations with the Lake George Steamboat Company

The new year is a time of reflecting on the past and looking forward to a bright future. The Lake George Steamboat Company, an indispensable pillar of Lake George’s past and future, will be remembering their rich history and looking forward to the future all weekend long as they celebrate the beginning of their 200th year. Join them beginning on Friday, December 30th for a full weekend of cruises and activities.

New Year Activities all Weekend:

The Lake George Steamboat Company is throwing a serious New Year’s party, with a boatload of special cruises and activities going on all weekend. The party begins on Friday, December 30th with the first ice bar of the season in the Lake George Area, as well as food trucks and fire pits. The ice bar will stay frozen on the steel pier in Lake George Village all weekend long.

The party continues on Saturday, December 31st with a New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise. The dinner cruise boards at 5:00pm and sails until 8:00pm. It features music, dancing, a champagne toast, and delectable entrees such as Prime Rib and Chicken Francais.

Following the dinner cruise is the New Year’s Eve Party Cruise. The party cruise boards at 9:15pm and cruises until 12:30am. It features hors d’oeuvres, a pasta station, macaroni and cheese, music, and dancing. This cruise culminates in a legendary New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks show over the lake.

The party continues into New Year’s Day with a Champagne Brunch Cruise. Start the new year off right with music, dancing, champagne, and a breakfast and lunch buffet. This cruise sails through the Narrows, boarding at 11:00am and cruising until 2:15pm.



The Proud History of the Lake George Steamboat Company:

The Lake George Steamboat Company was formed on April 15, 1817. Their first boat, the James Caldwell, was a passenger ferry that brought people and supplies to the local communities on the shores of Lake George. As boats came and went, the main purpose of the Lake George Steamboat Company stayed the same — to entertain passengers on Lake George. As business increased, boats were built, upgraded, sunk, and dismantled. Increased horsepower helped to increase speed on the trips to Ticonderoga, and multiple boats were put into service to cover the ferrying of supplies as well as increased tourism business. In the 1920s, when Route 9N connected Lake George to Ticonderoga, business dropped off. The Lake George Steamboat Company improvised, staying afloat by bringing in well known bands to headline their dinner cruises. Following the lean years of World War II, Captain Wilbur Dow bought the company, and the Dow family has owned the company ever since.

Cruising All Summer Long:

In the modern age, the Lake George Steamboat Company is a must-do attraction in the Lake George Area. They offer cruises on three boats, the Mohican, the Lac du Saint Sacrement, and the Minne Ha Ha, from May through October. The cruises range from lunch and dinner cruises on the Lac du Saint Sacrement, to sight seeing cruises on the Minne Ha Ha, to the always awesome fireworks cruise on the Mohican. The cruises differ in length and destination, so guests can choose their perfect trip.

Check it out!

A cruise on Lake George is one of the essential pieces of the Original Vacation. If you’re in the Lake George Area this weekend and you’re looking for something to do, stop by the ice bar for a cold beverage, or take an iconic ride on one of the cruise ships. It’ll be a memory 200 years in the making.

Lake George Area Christmases Past

What are some Holiday traditions your family enjoys?  The presents, stockings, ugly sweaters?  Its hard to imagine a time before Santa, shiny gelt chocolate coins, trees with twinkling lights or neatly wrapped presents topped with bows.

Not so long ago, many of the things we associate with the Holiday season simply didn’t exist.

We’d like to take you back in time to Lake George Holidays past. Before shopping malls or even most of the roads we have today.  Long before turkey with cranberry sauce or fruit cake.  Even before most of those Holiday tunes we’ve all grown up with.

In the early 1800s, settlers were just beginning to build homesteads in the Lake George Area, and the way they observed the Holiday season was much different.  In fact, 200 years ago people didn’t go out of their way to observe the Holidays at all.  On Christmas Day, people lived out their lives as usual.  They went to work and ran their errands.  If it was a Saturday or Sunday a special service may have been held in one of the local churches, but there weren’t many.  St. Mary’s on Warren Street in Glens Falls, which started as a Methodist church in 1829, may have had a service, or the First Methodist Church in Brant Lake built in 1831.

What about Christmas trees?  Nope.  Settlers in the 1800s probably didn’t know what they were.  Fir trees have been a part of some European Holiday traditions for hundreds of years, particularly in Germany, but you wouldn’t have seen lit, decorated trees in the Lake George Area until the mid-1800s.  Trees first entered American popular culture around 1850.  Early Christmas lights were candles with open flames and presented a very real fire hazard until 1895 when electric lights were invented.  There is a similar and even earlier tradition of using fallen pine branches to decorate hearths and provide a pleasant aroma during the cold winter months.  However, this tradition was not associated with the Holiday season.

You may be surprised to learn that settlers in the Lake George Area did not enjoy the large feasts that we look forward to during the Holiday season.  In many places, particularly in wilderness regions like the Lake George Area, humble pie would have been the celebratory meal.  Yup, humble pie is a real thing.  It’s made from the most humble parts of a deer – organs like the liver, kidneys and heart.  A far cry from the elaborate spreads we enjoy today.

Gift giving has long been a part of the Holiday season and likely was in the early 19th and 20th century Lake George Area, but the scale and types of gifts were much different than our 21st century traditions.  Those observing Hanukkah likely gave gelts as they do today but instead of the golden wrapped chocolate coins given to contemporary children, real coins were presented to people of all ages.  Similarly, money was given to servants and apprentices in tipping boxes as a sort of precursor to our modern day Holiday bonus.

In fact Christmas did not become a national holiday until 1870.  After the end of the American Civil War in 1865, the Holiday season rapidly become popular, with the whole country yearning for the feelings of peace, home and happiness that the Holidays promise.  In response to this national need to make merry, the United States Federal Government officially recognized December 25 as a federal holiday in 1870.

Since then, people in the Lake George Area have been lighting trees, sending cards and welcoming visitors from near and far to their family tables to share the bounty and beauty of the Holiday season.  We sincerely hope that you are able to share your celebrations with us this year.  Even if you’re not, we wish you the happiest Holiday and a wonderful New Year!



These are a Few of My Favorite Things Instagram Contest

Favorite places and Lake George often go hand in hand. As we dive into the holidays and New Year we want to hear from you what your favorite things of this area are. We invite all our Instagram followers (follow us if you’re not already!) to share photos of your favorite things in Warren County between December 24th and 31st, 2016. Tag us in the photos (@LakeGeorgeArea) and hashtag #LGFaves to enter. Have a favorite pic from 10 years or ago or 10 weeks? No problem, as long as you tag us in your photo and add the hashtag within the contest dates the photo is eligible. How many photos can you enter? However many you want! We will pick 10 winners who will get their choice of a gift card to some of our favorite places.

Is it the steaming latte from your go-to coffee shop, the time you get to spend with family and friends here, or the exhilaration you get from parasailing on the lake? Whatever it is, we want to know!

Not on Instagram? We have contests throughout the year on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you follow us to stay updated on them!




Official Rules for Lake George Area Instagram Contests 2016-2017


The Contest is sponsored by the Warren County Department of Tourism, 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845 (the “Sponsor”) and administered by Trampoline Design, 11 South Street, Suite 201, Glens Falls, NY 12801 (the “Administrator”).

How to Enter:

To enter the contest, tag a photo you’ve taken of the Lake George Area (Warren County, NY) with @LakeGeorgeArea and #LGFaves in the caption. Follow Lake George Area on Instagram. Entrant must be a member of Instagram. Membership is free. Entrants can enter as many photos as they would like during the Contest Period.

Entries will be considered ineligible if, at the sole discretion of the sponsor, they do not follow the directions described in these Official Rules, or if they contain language or images that are in any way threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, in breach of confidence, embarrassing to any person or likely to deceive any person, hateful, blasphemous, pornographic, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable or which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense or otherwise contrary to any law or appear contrary to the spirit of the contest.

By submitting an Entry, Entrant warrants and represents that he or she consents to the submission and use of the Entry in the Contest, and to the Sponsor possibly posting the Entry on their Internet sites and printed materials, in connection with the Contest, and grants the Sponsor permission to use the submission in any media for promotion of the county.

Entry Deadlines:

The contest runs from 12/24/2016 though 12/31/2016.

No purchase is necessary, but in order to enter the contest you must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law.

Winner Selection and Notification:

All entries received via the Lake George Area Instagram by Midnight on December 31st, 2016 will be considered valid entries for this contest. Ten winners will be chosen based on photographic content and representation of the Lake George Area, the contest theme and the creativity of the post. Winners will be announced January 6th, 2017. Warren County will attempt to inform the winners via Instagram. If we do not hear from winner via the email provided by Lake George Area within two weeks, participant will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected. This process will be repeated until the prize is successfully awarded. Odds on winning depend upon number of entries received. Decisions of the judges are final. No alternative prize, cash equivalent, or other substitution is permitted. Prizes are nontransferable.


Winners can choose one of the following:

  1. Lake George Steamboat $50 Gift Certificate
  2. Adirondack Eagle Flyer Zip Line $50 Gift Certificate
  3. The Huddle $50 Gift Certificate
  4. Saratoga North Creek Railway $50 Gift Certificate

Eligibility Restrictions:

Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. The contest is open, excluding employees of Warren County Tourism and/or their affiliated companies, advertising or promotional agencies or members of their families.

Conditions of Entry:

By entering, participants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of Warren County Department of Tourism and all of their respective affiliates, advertising agencies, and employees shall not be responsible for, (i) late, lost, delayed, damaged, misdirected, false, incomplete, stolen or illegible entries; (ii) failure to receive entries due to transmission failures or technical failures of any kind, including, without limitation, malfunctioning of any network, hardware or software, whether originating with sender or recipient; (iii) any injuries, losses or damages or any kind caused by any prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, usage of or participation in any prize, or while preparing for, participating in and/or traveling to any prize related activity (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages related to damage to, loss or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light); or (iv) typographical, printing, distribution or production errors. Sponsors are also not liable for any damage to participants’ computer system that may result from participating in the Contest. Return of a prize or prize notification as undeliverable will result in disqualification and the forfeiture of all interest in the prize. Entry and/or acceptance of prize(s) constitutes permission for Warren County and their agents and licensees, to use the entrant’s name, voice, photograph, likeness and biographical material for broadcast and promotional purposes in connection with this contest for a period of up to one year. Any person attempting to defraud or in anyway tamper with this Contest will be ineligible for prizes and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Warren County reserves the right to cancel or modify the Contest if, in its sole discretion, it determines that for any reason (such as tampering or infection by computer virus) the Contest is not capable of running as originally planned, or fraud, technical failures, printing or distribution errors, or any other causes of occurrences have compromised the fairness or integrity of the Contest.

Warren County is not responsible for Internet connections, unavailability of servers or any other technical malfunctions that may impede your entering this contest via the Internet. Contest sponsors are not responsible for computer system, phone line, hardware, software or program malfunctions, failures or delays in computer transmissions or network connections. Contest sponsors are likewise, not liable for damage to participants’ computer system that may result from participating in the contest.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. You understand that you are providing your information to the Warren County Department of Tourism (Lake George Area) and not to Instagram. 


Lake George Area Weekend & Holiday Break To Do List

The kids are off from school and it’s the perfect time to get away!  We’ve got plenty of activities for the whole family to choose from all week long!  Camps, classes, parties and concerts – it’s a busy Holiday break in the Lake George Area!

Wood Theater Family Christmas Party

Friday, December 23 from 12:30PM – 4:30PM
Charles R. Wood Theater

Bring the kids to a family Christmas party with food, live music and a special appearance by Santa!  The party wraps up with a showing of the classic Christmas film, The Muppet Christmas Carol!

Christmas Eve Road March

Saturday, December 24 at 9:00 am
Glens Falls Civic Center

Join in this local favorite holiday tradition started by retired Army National Guard Sergeant Arthur Coon, in 2004.  Support our currently serving military personnel who won’t be home for Christmas and remember those military heroes who will never make it home. The march covers approximately 3.5 miles at a flat, slow pace.  Unable to march?  Show your support by lining up along the route from Glen Street to Garrison Road and Bay Street to the Glens Falls Civic Center.

Three Day Holiday Camp for Kids

Tuesday, December 27 – Thursday, December 29
Gore Mountain

The kids are on school break so more time for skiing!  A 3-day Holiday Camp is a great way for children, ages 4-12, to spend their days on the slopes and meet new friends!  Kids enjoy three consecutive days of fun skiing/riding with the same coaches. This camp is open to all abilities, and includes lift tickets, lunch, and supervision each day.

Fishing, Fires, Fun

Wednesday, December 28 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM
Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warrensburg

The local 4-H will be hosting a fun-filled half day of programs for kids covering topics of survival skills and sport fishing.  Outdoor activities will include fire building and emergency shelter building. Indoor activities will include “The Top 10 essentials of survival planning” and sport fishing.  Learn and practice such important skills as removing a hook, cleaning and scaling fish, and then, a few tantalizing ways to prepare and cook fish! Participants will even have a chance to sample the prepared fish.

Woody Pines Concert

Wednesday, December 28 at 7:30PM
Tannery Pond Center

Hillbilly Boogie music meant to make you get up and move!  Work off those Christmas calories to the unique musical style of Woody Pines.  It’s Roots Music mixed with Ragtime, Country Blues and Viperbilly Swing.  Guaranteed to lift your spirits and get your toes a’tappin!

Christmas and New Years Dinner in the Lake George Area

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinner

Sometimes the holiday season is best spent in someone else’s kitchen. Here are a couple of Lake George Area restaurants holding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve dinners:

Basil & Wicks:

Join Basil & Wicks for a Christmas Eve dinner in the dining room! They will be serving specials such as Roasted Butternut Squash Ginger Soup, Grilled Ribeye with Cognac Sauce, Sea Bass with Saffron Sauce, and Chocolate Mousse. Please call (518) 251-3100, as reservations are strongly suggested.

Morgan and Co. Restaurant:

Morgan and Co. Restaurant will be hosting a Christmas Eve dinner to remember featuring the unique and subtle flavors Chefs Steve and Rebecca Butters. Call them at (518) 409-8060 for reservations, or reserve a table online.

The Sagamore:

The Sagamore is your home away from home this Christmas. They will be offering Christmas dinner in two of their beautiful restaurants, La Bella Vita from 1:00pm-9:00pm, and Mr. Brown’s Pub from 12:00pm-10:00pm. Specials at La Bella Vita include Maple Brined Turkey, Shrimp and Scallops, Herb Roasted Beef Tenderloin, and Grilled Australian Lamb Chops. Mr. Brown’s Pub will be featuring Maple Brined Turkey, Herb Crusted Prime Rib, and Apricot Mustard Glazed Ham. Reservations are required, please call (518) 743-6101.

New Year’s Eve and New Years Day Dinner

The Docksider:

Pull up to the Docksider on New Year’s Eve for a meal on Glen Lake. The Docksider is offering their full menu, plus specials like Prime Rib, Broiled Sea Scallops, Chicken Parm, and Seafood au Gratin. They’re open all day, and reservations beginning at 5:00pm will be accepted. Call (518) 792-3534 for more details. They’re open on New Year’s Day as well!

Inn at Erlowest:

The Inn at Erlowest will be serving a five-course meal from 5:00pm-10:30pm. Some items on the menu include House Made Pumpkin Tortellini, a Game Trio, Ora King Salmon, and Garlic & Herb Beef Tenderloin. Please call (518) 668-5928 for reservations.

The Sagamore:

A New Year’s Eve night of dinner and entertainment will be offered at La Bella Vita from 5:30pm-10:00pm. Dinner specials include Honey Drenched Australian Lamb, Balsamic Brined Freebird Chicken Breast, Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass, and more. Entertainment will be provided by the Ray Alexander Trio.

There will also be a Recovery Brunch on New Year’s Day in the Sagamore Ballroom from 10:00am-3:00pm. Breakfast and Brunch items to be offered include Shrimp Cocktail, Gourmet Pasta Station, Virginia Ham & Prime Rib Carving Stations, Eggs Benedict, and Stuffed French Toast.

Sweet Basil:

New Year’s Eve at Sweet Basil is going to be hilarious this year. Join them beginning at 7:00pm for a night of knee-slapping jokes and exquisite cuisine. Entertainment will be provided by two nationally headlining comedians, Ray Harrington and Justin Smith. Dinner specials include Broiled Salmon, Chicken Parmigiana, and Chicken Francese. Click here to make a reservation today!

Stony Creek

The town of Stony Creek is located in the Southwest corner of Warren County and is full of outdoor delights to be enjoyed by the whole family. Established in 1852, Stony Creek is fully located within the Adirondack Park along the Hudson River.

A photo posted by Nick DuBois (@nickd626) on

Whether you are looking to camp, swim, hike, horseback ride, or just enjoy the outdoors, Stony Creek has the place for you. Swing by the Stony Creek Recreation Field for a swim and a picnic. Also known as the John T. O’Neill Green Meadows Park, the park is host to the annual Mountain Festival and features a playground for the kids to enjoy as well as a swimming hole, basketball court and softball diamond. For more nature hit the abundance of trails running through the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest, accessible to hikers, bikers and snowmobilers alike. These lovely trails connect many of the lakes and ponds throughout the forest, all perfect for the angler in the family. One of the wonderful things about this area is that anyone can access nature, regardless of age or mobility; check out the Dean Farm Heritage Trail, offering flat trails through .93 miles of fields, woods and wetlands with educational signage.

A photo posted by Cass👽 ( on

For the equestrian in the group mosey on over to Stony Creek Dude Ranch (also offering overnight resort accommodations) for a good old fashioned cattle drive. Participants will saddle up and help move the herd from the north pasture to the south pasture of the authentic ranch. Looking for a little more riding? Wolf Pond Stables offers an expansive package that includes boarding, lessons and 40 miles of trails through the Adirondacks.

Moon Shadow Lodge, Bear Country Lodge and Creek Bed Guest House all offer comfortable furnishings right in the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondack Park. Campers should try Stony Creek Family Campground which offers all types of sites from tent to RV as well as cabin and trailer rentals. Stony Creek Family Campground also offers a swimming pool, playground, rec room, camp store, and many other amenities and activities.

Looking for a little learning in your day? Stony Creek has two local museums full of regional history. Visit the Dean Family Homestead where the family home has been turned into a museum with artifacts and photos about both local history and the Dean family. Stony Creek District 4 Schoolhouse Museum is your summer resource for the history of school life and industry in Stony Creek through the years. Keep the history rolling by visiting The Methodist Episcopal Church which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. If you’re looking for a great place to find something for your reading pleasure check out the historic Stony Creek Free Library built in 1921.

All this adventure have you hungry? Head for the Lodge at Harrisburg Lake or Stony Creek Inn. The Lodge at Harrisburg Lake serves rustic comfort foods made with fresh local ingredients. Join them for the all you can eat breakfast buffet or their equally delicious dinner. The Stony Creek Inn, a staple of the community for more than 100 years, offers an expansive and inexpensive menu as well as a popular town bar and live music on the weekends. Stop by for a drink and stay for the tunes. Keep the drinks flowing and take a short walk down the way to Tavern 16. Tavern 16 offers all the charms of the small town bar, featuring a pool table, juke box, impressive handcrafted woodwork, and a collection of local art.

A photo posted by Cristine A. (@cristineagbulos) on

Don’t mistake this town of 750 for just another stop on the way through the Adirondacks. With countless outdoor activities and a variety of authentic, local run lodges, campsites and restaurants, Stony Creek has something for the whole family. Take a hike though this historic and charming little town in the vast expanse of the Adirondack Park.

Lake George Area Holiday Recipes

Good food is part of the Lake George Area experience.  Local restaurants offer creative, familiar and delicious menus to satisfy the appetites of foodies and non-foodies alike!  Farming has been a way of life around here for generations and the farm to table movement has taken off with many restaurants offering healthy, organic, local options.

During the Holiday season, local meats, vegetables and beverages grace many a table.  Here are some of our favorite recipes collected from local farms, restaurants and chefs in the Lake George Area.

Turkey 11 Ways
from Chateau on the Lake in Bolton Landing

Turkey is a standard at Holiday time, but the way you prepare it doesn’t have to be.  The team at Chateau on the Lake shares a list of 11 tried and true ways to spice up how you prepare and present your bird.  From traditional roasted turkey to stewed and even a turkey jerky, this comprehensive list will inspire you to try new recipes and give you a few ideas for how to use up all those leftovers!



Curried Lamb Shanks
from chef Andy Van Bourgondien of UpRiver Cafe in Lake Luzerne

If you’re looking for something a little less traditional and truly delicious, try this recipe from UpRiver Cafe in Lake Luzerne.  Lamb is a rich, decadent meat and the curry, rosemary and vegetables in this dish add a depth of flavor and spice that will warm the palette and hearts of everyone at your table.




Butternut and Apple Galette
from Lake George native, Rachael Ray – made with Smoked Blue Cheese from Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg

Rachael Ray is Lake George’s local gal who made it big and she loves hometown favorite, Oscar’s Smokehouse.  Oscar’s is frequently featured on Ray’s TV show as with this beautiful butternut squash, onion and apple side dish.  As Rachael would say – “Yum-o!”




Roasted Beets & Quinoa Cinnamon-Pear Salad
from Lake George Olive Oil Co.

This substantial salad is packed with Holiday flavors.  Sweet, spicy, nutty and colorful ingredients are accented by two of Lake George Olive Oil’s specialty oils and their out-of-this-world Cinnamon-Pear Balsamic Vinegar.  With locations in Lake George Village and downtown Glens Falls, a stop at Lake George Olive Oil Co. is easy.  We recommend picking up a few gifts while you’re there!



Maple Sugar Cookies
from Hidden Hollow Maple Farm

America’s favorite Holiday treat is undoubtedly the cookie.  For a sweet spin on the traditional favorite, use this recipe from Hidden Hollow Maple Farm.  The maple syrup replaces white sugar for a healthier and better tasting cookie.  So get the kids together, grab your cookie cutters and spend a lazy afternoon in the kitchen making Holiday memories.




Simple Winter Sangria
from Adirondack Winery

If you missed Adirondack Winery’s Wine 101 last Saturday night, you missed a great recipe for a winter Sangria.  Fear not, a video featuring the recipe is still available on their website.  As the title suggests, it’s simple to make, full of Holiday flavors and a delicious compliment to your Holiday meal!




Egg Nog
from Battenkill Creamery

Ok – this is not a recipe, but no Holiday table is complete without egg nog, and Battenkill Creamery in Salem makes the area’s best!  Their nog is available in most local supermarkets and farmer’s markets throughout the Lake George Area.  Treat your family and pick up a half liter.  On second thought – better make that a quart!