The Original Vacation


OVac-Blast (2)Discover the original American vacation. Pristine wilderness, charming towns and must-see attractions make the Lake George Area in New York’s Adirondacks the quintessential summer destination, America’s first summer resort.

The American vacation was born in the Adirondacks as city dwellers vacated their homes in search of lakeside summer retreats. The idea of leaving the city and traveling to the mountains and lakes was viewed as an outrageous idea in the mid-1800’s. But when a guidebook by a young preacher from Boston touted the idea of an excursion into nature as a way to escape the demands of civilized life, readers were charmed and fascinated that such a getaway was within reach. A mere 36-hours by train from Boston or New York City opened the door to an expanse of mountains, lakes and rivers, largely undiscovered by beleaguered city-dwellers.

PostcardThe D&H Railroad brought visitors to the southern tip of Lake George where a stunning view of the lake and mountains beckoned them to experience this vision of natural beauty. The Adirondack Railway took riders to the northernmost station of North Creek, where the rugged mountains summoned visitors to become adventurers. (In fact, Theodore Roosevelt had been vacationing in the Adirondacks in 1901 when he received word that President McKinley had been shot. He traveled by train from North Creek to Buffalo where he was inaugurated upon McKinley’s death.)

Visitors from cities came in droves by train; they continued their journey by stagecoach and steamboat to mountain hideaways and shoreline resorts. From the wealthy great and gracious who built summer homes in the late 1800’s to the post-World War II era of motels and lakeside cottages; from the legendary dude ranches to the iconic amusements parks of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s,  the American vacation was, quite literally, born here.

This tradition has continued through the generations, as families pack up their gear for a week long visit, and return year after year. Memories have been made of days on a sandy beach, a hike to a mountain summit, fishing on a back-country stream, the thrills of an amusement park or an outing on a magical lake.

It’s the vacation you remember. It’s the vacation you wish would never end. It’s a vacation to the Lake George Area in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Make it yours!

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10 Best Beaches for Families in 2016

March 30, 2016 – Family Vacation Critic

Beaches are what family vacation dreams are made of. We save our pennies for simple days on the sand, building sandcastles, riding waves, playing volleyball, picnicking, and most importantly — spending quality time with loved ones.

These beaches, hand picked by our editors, offer opportunities to do all of the above (and more), plus all of the amenities families need at a beach — pristine, relatively calm waters, restrooms, showers, parking, and nearby accommodations, restaurants and other fun diversions, from historic sites to fireworks.

Million1Million Dollar Beach – Lake George, New York
Admission is free at Million Dollar Beach, as are the stunning, panoramic views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains. Restrooms, showers, a volleyball area, snack stand, picnic tables and grills are also included, and swimming is ideal for all ages, with calm waters and lifeguards on duty. Another reason for families to plan a visit to Million Dollar Beach and Lake George — the area is known for its wealth of vacation rentals.

Insider Tip: Head to nearby Lake George Village for fireworks over the lake. The shows commence July 4 and then run every Thursday through August.

Hotel Recommendation: Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center

Farm to Maple

Nothing compares to real maple syrup in the Northeast and in the Lake George Area we don’t just use it over pancakes. We’re using it in popcorn, salad dressing, cookies, and butter to give our food a delicious maple twist.

We reached out to maple farms in the Lake George Area and asked if they’d share they favorite maple recipes that we’re sharing with you below. But before you try these recipes, make sure you have REAL maple syrup on hand. You can find some during Thurman Maple Days in March and April when these farms open their doors to visitors and show how sap turns to syrup. It’s an awesome hands-on experience where you get to learn the craft while having some tasty treats!

A twist on traditional sugar cookies from Hidden Hollow Maple Farm:


Make butter into a sweet treat to spread on bread, biscuits, pancakes, and even sweet potatoes with this recipe from Toad Hill Maple Farm:


Watching your waist but craving something sweet? Try making this Maple Salad Dressing from Adirondack Gold Maple Farm:


This popcorn recipe from Upper Hudson Maple Producers is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy:


Want to see more flavors of the Lake George Area? Head over to our Pinterest page!

Log Miles in the Lake George Area


The Lake George Area is chock full of road races, from charity 5k walk/runs to longer, more intense endeavors like the Adirondack Distance Run, a 10 mile course from Lake George to Bolton. Whether participants sport fierce faces of determination or tutus and smiles, you can be sure it’s fun fitness with a backdrop of staggering beauty.


The races start as early as March, with a perennial favorite, The Shamrock Shuffle & Leprechaun Leap offering a 5 mile, flat and fast course, for adults, and a 7/8 mile course for runners 12 and under. The pot of gold at the end of this race is the bounty of races still to come. We can’t mention them all here, but here are a few that would be worth making a trip to the area to run!


The first ever Countryman Challenge, will kick off on West Mountain this year on Saturday, April 2nd. It is touted as an on-snow, mountain 5k race with snow obstacles. There is a course for grown ups, as well as a modified course for kids. Registration is free for kids and comes with a BBQ dinner after the race.

April 16th is the Rotary 5k, another fast and flat race that zips around campus, ending with a modest slope and raucous cheering crowds. This race is popular with sprinters, walkers, and teams. Each year the race benefits a different local organization.


The Glens Falls Urban Assault takes over the City of Glens Falls with a 3.5-mile obstacle course that loops through downtown and beyond. Runners face down multiple ropes courses, brave concrete stairs, blaze through the slip-n-slide and over climbing walls, and wave to spectators as they make their way through the more than 20 obstacles. Prizes are awarded to best-dressed team and individuals (male/female) with awards given to the top male & female runners in various age groups. With both the Start and Finish on Glen Street, it promises to be great time downtown.

If traditional races aren’t your style, keep in mind there is always the annual Polar Plunge in Lake George to jumpstart your new year.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the Lake George Area

We have the luck of the Irish in the Lake George Area with two weekends of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! If you’re savvy (and lucky) enough, you can hit all of these events!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 12, 2016, Chestertown

The entire community and surrounding towns and villages show up for this St. Patrick’s Day Parade complete with bag pipers, musicians, fire trucks and more! Free bounce houses, face painting, balloons, and flags make it a great time for the kids. Parade kicks off at 1pm on Main Street!

Chestertown Parade

Picture courtesy of

Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner
March 12, 2016, Chestertown

After the parade and festivities wind down in Chestertown head to the Community Methodist Church for an authentic and delicious Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage.

Glens Falls Brewfest
March 19, 2016, Glens Falls

Taste the best local craft beers and ciders during this year’s Glens Falls Brewfest at The Queensbury Hotel. Tastings from over 50 craft breweries, live music, food, and entertainment will definitely get you in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Tip: Get your tickets online beforehand and save $10!

Glens Falls Brewfest

Sham “Rock” the Block
March 19-20, 2016, Lake George

It’s an all weekend party in Lake George Village for St. Patrick’s Day this year with Sham “Rock” the Block. Live traditional Irish music, Celtic games, traditional Irish food specialties, arts and crafts, children’s activities, and a parade on Sunday. Come for an hour or for the weekend!

Sham Rock the Block

Picture Courtesy of

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – Wine Tastings
March 19-20, 2016, Lake George

While you’re at Sham “Rock” the Block in Lake George make sure you stop into Adirondack Winery for a wine tasting, try your luck at the guess the cork contest and enjoy free samples of Shamrock Sangria.

30th Annual Shamrock Shuffle & The Leprechaun Leap
March 20, 2016, Glens Falls

Burn off the corned beef, soda bread and beer at the Shamrock Shuffle, a 5 mile flat loop through Glens Falls. Kids 12 and under can enter the Leprechaun Leap, a fun run just under one mile. Come in costume!


Naturally Sweet Season!

maple mast

Maple sugaring is an iconic Adirondack rite of passage. The process of extracting sap from a maple tree and getting it to the pancakes on your table is pretty much the same as it has been for hundreds of years. After choosing which trees to tap, a hole is drilled and a tap inserted. When the days warm up, the sap begins to flow into either a bucket or vacuum tubing to be collected; sap is boiled, water is evaporated and syrup is bottled. There is a little more to it if a producer factors in new technology like a reverse osmosis machine and energy efficient evaporator, but you get the idea!

Did you know? The best time to put taps in the maple trees is when spring temperatures hover at 20 degrees F. Any colder than that and you may split the tree. That would be a bad thing.

The Town of Thurman is home to four maple sugar producers who open their doors to visitors in late March and early April to celebrate this naturally sweet season. Thurman Maple Days transforms a peaceful Adirondack town into a bustling hive of activity on March 19-20, March 26-27 and April 2-3, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

Did you know? I Love New York has recognized Thurman Maple Days as a premier spring tourism event! What’s not to love about that?

Let’s start with pancakes, fluffy pancakes just flipped on the griddle. With a side of Oscar’s sizzling maple smoked sausage links. And drizzled with pure Adirondack maple syrup. Oh my, if this is a dream you won’t want to wake up. It’s not a dream, it’s breakfast at Valley Road Maple Farm in Thurman, and it’s only one of the ways to start your Maple Days Road Trip. Between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday during Maple Days, Mike Hill will be flipping the pancakes and the Upper Hudson Maple Queen will help serve up this scrumptious breakfast. While you’re there, take a walk back to the sugar bush and spy a few of the 3,400 taps that coax the sap from the tree to the vacuum assist tubes and then back to the sugarhouse for processing. Ralph Senecal will be happy to take you on a tour of the sugarhouse and explain the reverse osmosis process that essentially takes most of the water out of the sap and speeds up syrup production, making his job much easier in recent years.

Grab a jug of this local favorite at Oscar's Smokehouse.Valley Road is the exclusive syrup producer for Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg. Their syrup is infused with bacon flavor, making it an Adirondack treat that can’t be duplicated. Grab a jug before you leave! And don’t forget to take a look at the tap display that is framed by the door and see how taps have changed over the years. Ask the kids if they know what’s in the frame.

Taps2 in frameAfter leaving Valley Road you can swing over to Hidden Hollow Maple Farm where Charles Wallace will tell you about his 3-generation farm that includes 6,000 taps and produces 2,000 gallons of syrup in a typical season. There are two sugar bushes at Hidden Hollow; sap from one is collected remotely and trucked back to the sugarhouse; sap from the other is pumped back to the sugar house where all sap is boiled and barreled.

Did you know?  It takes 45 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.

Tubing Hidden Hollow CharlesHidden Hollow products include syrup in jugs or decorative glass bottles, maple roasted peanuts, maple jelly or cinnamon maple sugar. This pure maple syrup can be found in the dining hall at SUNY Oswego and at Taste New York events throughout the state, including the State Fair. Psssst. Head to our Pinterest page @Lake George Area to find a favorite maple sugar cookie recipe!

Do you remember driving through the countryside and noticing buckets on maple trees? Join the Kenyon family at Adirondack Gold Maple Farm to see their old-fashioned bucket taps and you can imagine trudging from tree to tree on snowshoes to gather sap buckets. Take a step back in time as you enter the old sugarhouse, made with hand-hewn beams, and inhale the sweet smell of boiling sap. “Tapper” will walk you through the process of tapping, gathering and stoking the evaporator to boil it into syrup.

Tree-Tap-Adk-Gold useCompare this to the bright blue tubing that ripples from tree to tree and the brand new stainless steel evaporator in the new sugarhouse. Any way you bottle it, it’s maple sweetness at its finest.

A bit of trivia: The Kenyons decided to name their farm after they visited California and panned for gold. If you hold a bottle of syrup up to the sunlight, you’ll understand why they call it “Adirondack Gold”.

What started out as a childhood hobby for Randy Galusha has become a lifelong passion. Welcome to Toad Hill Maple Farm. The Galusha family has been tapping for over 40 years on 850-acres of land. The new timber frame sugarhouse is considered a local architectural masterpiece, but this dream didn’t come to fruition until 2010. Prior to that, syrup was processed in a small sugarhouse with an oil-fired evaporator that used 26 gallons of oil an hour! Randy applied for and received a USDA “Rural Energy for America” grant in May of that year. The grant allowed him to purchase a reverse osmosis machine and high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator.

Did you know? Reverse osmosis removes as much as 90% of the water from the maple sap, speeding up the production process.

Toad Hill RandyAt the same time the Galushas decided to build a customer-friendly facility that would welcome visitors to the maple farm year after year. White pine from the property was cut and milled into the timbers for the building that stands today. This is truly a sustainable local business, with new features and activities added each season. See a diorama inside the sugarhouse that depicts the sap gathering process, then step into the kitchen where syrup is bottled, candies are made and tastings are offered. Wear a warm jacket for a wagon ride on a crisp spring day and check your watch at noon and 2:00 p.m. for the trebuchet launch. (What’s a trebuchet, you ask? It’s basically a large catapult. Line up to trigger the launch and watch a piece of firewood fly through the air and into the distant field! The kids will love it, and so will you.)

Note: You can grab a DSL signal at Toad Hill, so take some pictures and post them using #ThurmanMapleDays

Did you know? The color of the maple syrup is an indicator of its flavor intensity. The darker the syrup, the more robust the flavor.

Let’s get this party started! The Thurman Maple Sugar Party, that is! On Saturday, March 19 you are cordially invited to Thurman Town Hall beginning at 4:00 p.m. Join this 57th annual all-you-can-eat buffet for $10/adult and $5/children ages 6-11. What a deal! Dessert is none other than Jack Wax itself (pure maple syrup poured on snow that becomes a taffy-like treat!) Entertainment all night by the Hod Ovitt and the Warren County Ramblers! Where else can you have this much fun on a Saturday night in March? Proceeds from the party benefit the American Cancer Society.

Signs everywhereIf you are heading north on Valley Road, swing into Martin’s Lumber, a sustainable tree farm and lumber mill. Using a bandsaw, both hardwood and softwood that are selectively cut on the property are rough-sawn and boast beautiful grain, interesting knots and some of the maples bear signs of tapping from years gone by. While you are there, peruse the selection of paper bead earrings made in front of your eyes, stained glass stepping stones and new this year, meet John Los, a woodworker who carves spoons, cutting boards, rolling pins and more!

Beads4The fun doesn’t stop here. Be sure to include a visit to Nettle Meadow Farm where you can meet sanctuary animals and sample artisan cheeses, including their maple chevre, a seasonal favorite; and award-winning Kunik, a triple cream wheel made from Jersey cow cream and goat’s milk. Lorraine and Sheila welcome you each weekend, but are closed on Easter Sunday. (If it’s not on your calendar already, add the 3rd Annual Nettle Meadow Cheese and Spirits Pairing on June 18. This event pairs award-winning Nettle Meadow cheeses with locally crafted spirits and takes place in the loft of the historic gambrel roofed barn.)

If you have a few extra minutes, the Peru Llama Farm is offering llama kisses all day, along with a hay crawl for the kids. Make sure you bring a camera!

Important Note: You may not be able to rely on cell service to navigate the roads of Thurman. Download this map and save it to your phone.  Maple Days volunteers will post signs all over town to make each stop easy to find, so drive assured.

Maple Map

Signs everywhereAnother note: You can find a Wi-Fi hot spot at the Thurman Town Hall on Glen-Athol Road.

And just one more note: Thurman is about a 20-minute drive from Lake George.

Thurman is sustainable tourism at its finest. Come to Maple Days and check it out!

More Maple
Up Yonda Farm in Bolton Landing has its own sugar house and taps, collects and boils sap to syrup during their “Maple Sugar Basics” program which is offered each Saturday in March. Cost $4 per person.

The Maple in April Festival in Hadley is now in its 13th year. This annual event celebrates sweet fun for everyone, a car show, crafts, face painting and pony rides. Mark your calendar for April 30 – May 1.

Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg is not only a favorite local smokehouse, but also features maple smoked sausage and bacon, and Valley Road syrup flavored with bacon.

Springbrook Hollow in Queensbury is a farm distillery producing handcrafted spirits using local grains and fruits. Their “Howl at the Maple Moonshine” blends moonshine and maple syrup from Adirondack Gold Maple Farm that will remind you of sugar on snow with every sip.

Maple Days is part of the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor, which represents communities along the Hudson River, upstream from Glens Falls and west of Lake George. These communities have joined together to celebrate their shared history along the earliest route into the heart of the Adirondack wilderness.

The Upper Hudson Maple Producers represent 50 maple producers across six counties including Warren and Washington. Even MORE maple opportunities to experience, if you can imagine that!

Click here to enter our Maple Giveaway Basket:


Parting note:
The Town of Thurman also hosts a Fall Farm Tour on October 8th . This 7-farm tour includes maple producers, a goat farm, pancake breakfast, scarecrow contest, cheese tasting, a tree farm, children’s activities, BBQ dinner and gorgeous fall foliage.  Y’all come back now.

Skiing & Riding in the Lake George Area


The beauty of skiing in Warren County is that you need only decide your preference—
Black diamonds
Green circles
Terrain parks
Night skiing
Day skiing
Après ski
Bench warming in the lodge

Whatever you’re looking for, the Lake George Area has it. Here, we’ll take you for a little tour:

Gore Mountain, North Creek – 109 Trails

Hit Gore Mountain for a full day of skiing. With 109 trails, a gondola, two double chairs, three triple chairs and a 2537’ vertical drop, Gore is the biggest mountain in the area. The ski day ends around sundown here, so it’s perfect if you need to tuck in kiddos or if you want to save the evening for something else. If you go make sure you take advantage of their full calendar of events, daycare, dining, bar, and the absolutely stunning views!

Gore Horizon

North Creek Ski Bowl, North Creek – Tubing & Twilight Skiing

Operated by Gore Mountain and just down the road, the North Creek Ski Bowl offers up 11 trails, three glades, a half pipe, tubing, and twilight skiing. If you are up for some twilight skiing after a day at Gore, your Gore lift ticket includes same day access to the North Creek Ski Bowl. Or you hit up the ski bowl for the day, as the passes are a steal!

North Creek Ski Bowl

West Mountain, Queensbury – Night Skiing & Terrain Park

West Mountain is known for its long hours and night skiing. You’ll oftentimes find locals hitting up the mountain for a couple hours after work or dinner but its great terrain, rentals, lessons, tubing park, terrain parks, après culture, and proximity to downtown Glens Falls makes it a popular spot for visitors and first timers.

West Mountain

Hickory Ski Center, Warrensburg – Sweet Steeps for Experts & Slow Slopes for Beginners

Expert skiers ready for some challenging terrain should head to Hickory Ski Center in Warrensburg. Founded in 1946 by veterans of the 10th Mountain Division this rugged mountain has a lot to offer. Open on weekends, Hickory Ski Center is often compared to Mad River Glen in Vermont because of its natural ski conditions, vintage lifts and the steep terrain. Beginners can find easier terrain towards the lower mountain. Head to the base lodge and sit around the fire pit for a break or to wind down after a full day. The mix of terrain, rich history and community atmosphere make Hickory a great mountain for families.


Photo courtesy of

Dynamite Hill, Chestertown – FREE

With just one trail and a rope tow this isn’t the biggest ski spot in the area but it’s free and has a lot to offer as it’s part of the Chester Recreation Center. While you’re there check out the sledding hill, the cross country ski trails, ice skating, and warming hut.

Get the Gear

Forget something or in the mood to update? Both Gore and West have rentals right on the mountain and there are plenty of great local gear stores to get you mountain ready. You can find ski and board rentals at Beaver Brook Outfitters in Weavertown and Cunningham’s Ski Farm in North Creek. If you’re heading north to get to any of the mountains take a pit stop at Fountain Square Outfitters, Sports Page, or Inside Edge. At Fountain Square Outfitters in downtown Glens Falls you’ll find enough gear to get you to the top of Mount Everest. If you’re looking for skis, snowboards, helmets, coats, and anything you could need to get you on the lift, go to Sports Page or Inside Edge in Queensbury. Their knowledgeable staff will hook you up with whatever you need.

The Secret of the Shoulder Season

The Lake George Area is famous for its warm weather activities. Summer is an easy time to travel with kids on vacation and ‘summer hours’ at the office, it’s a popular window during which to visit.


There is a phrase in tourism called the shoulder season. It isn’t really something that people who visit a place talk about, unless maybe they are discussing ways to enjoy a place at a lower cost. The shoulder season refers to either side of the most popular time for a place to be visited; if people go somewhere most often between June and August, then the shoulder seasons would likely be May and September.


The shoulder season actually offers an out-of-the-ordinary experience, revealing a different personality of a location. If you’ve never visited a frozen lake or walked along the shores when the air is so cold that you can see your breath, you should add winter destinations to your list. The change is as profound as the difference between a glass of water and an ice cube. As the lake shifts and the cold air surrounds you; it’s easy to understand just how long those waters have lived.




Along Lake George’s Beach Road, with the Fort William Henry at your back and the Adirondack High Peaks to the north, you can imagine the people who traveled over this water in the dead of winter to find food, or how quiet the world was before cars and sirens. You feel a part of the landscape in a way that you can’t during the  summer.


The Winter Carnival is an annual event that spans the four weekends in February. It offers a robust roster of activities, whether you are super-sporty and outdoorsy or you just like to wear Uggs and sip hot cocoa. This year Lake George did not freeze over, though there are plenty of smaller lakes that have and there are the ice fishermen to prove it. The lake not freezing did not stop the Winter Carnival, which traditionally hosts many events on the frozen water.


There were still bonfires and s’mores at the beach, followed by fireworks over the lake. The always irresistible, Dog’s Got Talent event drew canines too cute to be believed. Parades, cook-offs, and ice bars, it’s all still in full swing.


Here’s the thing about lake life: it’s year-round and whether the water laps at the shore, freezes over, or creates its own slush, a day at the lake is better than a day anywhere else!

7 Ways to Warm Up to Winter!

Ok, let’s face it, not everyone loves winter. But just because you don’t love it, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate from now until April! The Lake George Area in New York’s Adirondacks has some nifty ideas to chase away the winter blues.

1) Discover 60 images by Norman Rockwell that document the social issues of the 1960s. From now until April 3, the Hyde Collection Art Museum will host this exhibition that traces Rockwell’s transformation from a painter of people and life’s extraordinary moments, to a powerful visual commentator who united America around the national values of freedom and democracy.

2) Thrill to 38,000 square feet of indoor water park fun at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge. Float through Tak-it-Eesi-Creek on an inner tube, catch a wave on the Boogie Bear Surf, and scream as you plummet through twisting waterslides. Admission to the water park is included for Lodge guests, but day passes are available.

3) Immerse yourself in the arts, crafts and heritage of the Adirondacks by taking a class at the Adirondack Folk School. Make a birch bark picture frame, tune up your tinsmithing skills or weave a gathering basket. Experience this hidden Adirondack gem for yourself.

4) The Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail makes it easy to plan for an afternoon of wine, beer and spirit tasting. Take the worry out of tasting and driving by jumping on the Hoppy Trails Brew Bus.

5) Enjoy dinner by a warm fire, a timeless Adirondack tradition. Restaurants with a fireplace include The Log Jam in Queensbury, Olde Log Inn in Lake George, Friends Lake Inn in Chestertown, Garnet Hill Lodge in North River or Jimbo’s at the Point on Brant Lake. Better call ahead for fireplace seating.

6) Fireworks in February? You bet! See fireworks every Saturday night in Lake George as part of the Lake George Winter Carnival, 6:00 p.m.; at the Brant Lake Winter Carnival on Feb 20; and after “Fire on the Mountain” at West Mountain Ski Area on February 12. Make a reservation for window seating at the East Slope Eatery at West Mountain for your indoor dining and viewing pleasure.

7) Head to the Town of Thurman on March 19-20, 26-27 or April 2-3 for Thurman Maple Days. Start the day with a pancake breakfast at Valley Road Maple Farm, followed by 3 more sugar house tours, sample world famous cheese at Nettle Meadow Goat Farm and see a sawmill in action at Martin’s Lumber. This is a full day of activity in Thurman. Be sure to download a driving map.

There are way more than 7 super-cool things to do in the Lake George Area this winter, rest assured. But pick one off this list and you’ll have something to talk about the next time you’re asked “So, what did you do this weekend?”

Romantic Dates in the Lake George Area

Need an idea for a romantic date? Count on Lake George Area to deliver great places for fun, romantic, and creative dates. Take a look at a few of our suggestions below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where we share things to do, taste, and experience throughout our region!



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.52.01 AM
Whether you are art aficionados, history buffs, or just interested in something outside the predictable date night routine, the Lake George Area has a trove of cultural destinations. Take the whole day or an hour, to explore a different time. Check out an exhibition at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls and wander through their collection where you’ll find original works of art from Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, Van Gogh, and more! Or step back in time at the Chapman Historical Museum, also in Glens Falls, which is a restored house museum that reflects what life was like in the late 19th century. Witness what fort life was like at the Fort William Henry Musuem, which lies on the shores of southern Lake George. In Bolton Landing you can find The Sembrich, a studio museum that once belonged to international opera singer Marcella Sembrich. Find a full list of cultural experiences and museums here.


If you and your date are into performing arts check out the shows at one the areas many performing arts venues. To combine a night of dining and entertainment go to the Lake Theatre in Lake George where you can enjoy a delicious full-course meal and contemporary comedy show at the same time. In downtown Glens Falls you’ll find the Charles R. Wood Theater, a 300-seat theater that hosts performances from the Adirondack Theatre Festival, Upstate Broadway, Glens Falls Community Theater, and more! At the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek you’ll find a line-up of local musicans, theatre companies, and more. A full list of venues can be found here.
Brew up something special with a table for two featuring locally brewed, distilled and blended drinks. Wine lovers can head to Adirondack Winery for a wine tasting accompanied by a plate of local food samples. Beer lovers can go to Mean Max Brew Works in downtown Glens Falls for a beer and game of darts. Adirondack Pub and Brewery in Lake George and Davidson Brothers in Glens Falls both offer up delectable pub fare with their impressive beer selections. If you want to make a day of it you can hit up all the breweries in the area responsibly by hopping on the Hoppy Trails Brew Bus.




Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.09.14 PM
Dazzle your sweetheart with a date on one of Lake George’s cruise ships. Ride the famous Minne-Ha-Ha or Lac du Saint Sacrement with Lake George Steamboat Company or one of Lake George Shoreline’s ships. Follow up the cruise with fireworks over Lake George or take one of the firework cruises. There are also private cruise options with charter companies that you can find here.


Catch a double feature at the Glen Drive-In Theater in Queensbury. Pay admission for one movie and watch the second feature free with your date!
Photo Courtesy of
Enjoy stunning views of the High Peaks and the Southern Adirondacks in the summer and fall with the Northwoods Scenic Gondola Rides at Gore Mountain. While you’re there check out the self-guided interpretive hikes and grab a bite to eat at Basil & Wicks in North Creek.


Take your date on a walk through a winter wonderland on a snowshoeing expedition. You can find designated snowshoe trails in Queensbury at Gurney Lane Recreation Area. They loan out snowshoes on a first come first serve basis. Interested in a more romantic snowshoe adventure? Check out the Full Moon Guided Snowshoe Hikes at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves in Pottersville.

Hockey games at the Glens Falls Civic Center are always a great time and are an exhilarating place to go for a date. Catch dinner before the game at one of the many great restaurants in downtown Glens Falls and follow the game up with a beer at Mean Max Brew Works or a drink at the Bullpen.
Find a full list of date ideas here.